No speech in Ireland: Andrea Svatsky likes the Irish West Coast

No speech in Ireland: Andrea Svatsky likes the Irish West Coast

Andrea Svatzky says, “I like to portray characters who believe everything is under control, and then, as the story progresses, they become more and more entangled with themselves and with care.” Today we see them once again in such a role. In “Speechless in Ireland” she introduces Executive Secretary Connie, to whom everything goes according to plan – in the truest sense of the word – both professionally and privately. But then she booked a language course in Ireland.

Plans are not everything in life

Living in Ireland completely turns her life upside down. Comedian Tom Jones impersonator Max (Gotz Schubert) is not entirely innocent of this. He also participates in a two-week intensive training course. What caused Connie’s displeasure was that the master of art had nothing to do with the rules and regulations. However, she also learns from him that his whole life is lost on a little more than a little knowledge of English. That spontaneity can sometimes be more beautiful than any perfection. But can Connie give up her straight life?

Andrea Sawatsky is in thrill

Andrea Schwartzky has memories of comic moments in the story in which her character, Connie, unexpectedly stumbles: “This is what convinced me of the screenplay: situational humor, beautiful and sometimes bizarre dialogues, the characters’ quick understanding, and their break-up of ‘I know nothing more’!” Andrea Svatzky does not find many beautiful words for the screenplay, and she is delighted with the West Coast of Ireland, which served as the backdrop for the film.

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‚ÄúNatural, wild, unpredictable. Storms that subside in seconds, freezing temperatures that freeze to pieces, and rain that stops as fast as it comes. The wild sea, the small ‘pools’ on the rocks, the water left there after the tide, were miraculously safe to swim in. Happy cows in all pastures … “

“Speechless in Ireland” airs today, January 7, 2022 8:15 pm In the first. Comedy is already available at the ARD Media Library.

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