No one knows what the solution is!

No one knows what the solution is!

Solves math problems, Photo: Profimedia

On Twitter A tweet appeared with a photo of the fourth grader’s primary school task, which few people can solve. Many tweeters were confused by this task, so in the comments below the tweet, they argued what the solution was.

– Lena and Olja saved money. Lena saved three times more dinars than Olja. Within a month, Olja had accumulated three times as much money as she had, and Lena had saved as much money as she had. Who saved the most money, and how many times more? – He writes in the fourth grade math task in primary school.

Judging by the comments, it was a different solution for everyone who read this task and tried to say something.

– Can anyone solve our task? The three of us have three different solutions. The task is for the 4th class – the girl asked on Twitter, followed by general confusion.

One commentator says that the number of possible solutions is infinite, while others say that the task is set unsatisfactorily and that the solution is in the configuration itself. / A.K


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