No need to worry as the team has been harassing Ireland for light years with the level of World Cup rivals.

No need to worry as the team has been harassing Ireland for light years with the level of World Cup rivals.

Andy Reed certainly thinks so. Ireland have scored five or more goals in the 15 years since the Steve Stoundon-led midfielder helped them to a 5-0 victory over San Marino in 2006.

It was the last stop on Old Lansdowne Road, but the reconstruction under Stanton did not receive much attention from the public or critics.

“These are undefeated games,” Raid said.

“You go out and score five, but I expect you to score five runs against a team like them.

“So, we did a good professional job and no one picks up Mickey Mouse or anything. We did it right and we are happy to have scored three points and five goals. ”

The reign of Stephen Kenny was so devastating that this meeting with the San Marino comrades in Andorra did not succeed, and it was certainly inevitable.

That doesn’t mean the manager admits that staying on the job depends on avoiding his sterile 12-game extension.

It was against a 158-ranked team that has lost six games, scoring two goals in the last 15 games.

When asked by a reporter last week, his immediate response was: “How do you decide to succeed?”

To simplify the answer to his question, this leads to a game he has loved for years more than a torpedo.

Kenny described the scene last November in an attempt to justify England’s selection as a friendly rival of the Nations League against Wales and Bulgaria.

“Bulgaria play Gibraltar in their first friendly match – we could have tried to get a very low level team at home, we could have scored some goals below the belt and won and ended that question. [of the first win]Kenny said.

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“It simply came to our notice then. We played against England. Does it make sense to do so? Do people keep the winner / match ratio with friends and the like? Is this a problem? “

“I’m really looking to improve the team. We played England because we were not afraid of anyone. “

At the end of that Wembley match, just six minutes after the start of the second half, after England had declared 3-0, Matt Doherty nodded at a press conference and wondered if the idea was relevant. “It was embarrassing,” he said shyly.

Many Kenyan workers in Luxembourg did not reach the depths of despair until their chances of qualifying for the World Cup in Ireland were eliminated.

That March, Kenny swiped summer-friendly heart options until FAI’s international match agents arrived in the small town.

All things considered, especially the need to follow Ireland’s worst course in the last 50 years, it was a prudent choice. For a manager who learns the job and learns the hard way, passion leads to practicality.

If the project is to soften Kenny’s wrinkles, it’s not like he’s ever hired a team of part – time workers led by a teenage goalkeeper to play a competitive club game throughout his career.

The Ireland manager praised Bulgers’ approach as the Underdog stretched to a goalless draw in the final match. It is never too late to learn.

Unlike the U21 squad he provided to Assistant Jim Crawford, he could not be a starter.

Ahead of this week’s three – game race in Marbella, which started against Switzerland, Connor Coventry said: “It doesn’t make sense to play games that we know we will win.”

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Kenny is not ready to choose Andorra, only his reluctance to accept their cannon fodder status.

If a team that is only a few years away from the quality of Portugal and Serbia in September can easily upset Ireland, the existing ideas will not go backwards.

Instead of winning World Cup points and a friendly that is unacceptable and unsuccessful, the FA ultimately decides whether a rookie manager deserves a second season.

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