‘No more fever, only skin damage left’, Brazilian doctor with monkey fever | Stunning

'No more fever, only skin damage left', Brazilian doctor with monkey fever |  Stunning

He has been admitted to a hospital MunichI do not know Germany. Fantas‌tico spoke to the doctor treating the Brazilian, but because of professional secrecy, he was unable to provide the patient’s personal information. Only revealed He is a young man with Portuguese citizenship Germany He traveled through Portugal and Spain and was referred to tourism, where he was diagnosed with symptoms and consulted with a clinic.

“He’s in our isolation area. According to German health law, he has been isolated for three weeks and has already been given a service, so he’s two weeks away from being admitted to the hospital. He and the other patient I care for no longer have a fever. , Supervised by the authorities, Brazilian, if he lived Germany, I will also be discharged to complete the isolation at home. But since he is no longer alive, he is in the hospital here, “he explains.

The disease has not been widely discussed since the 1980s, when the World Health Organization officially declared smallpox eradicated. Before reaching this historic milestone achieved through vaccination, smallpox was a disaster.

A Smallpox, now extinct, was far more serious than the smallpox of the current outbreak.One of the monkeys – Despite its so-called, origin, not in monkeys, but in rats from the African wild. The disease got its name in 1958 when the first cases were found in laboratory monkeys brought to Denmark from Africa.

The eruption, which is mainly observed in Europe, has been linked to a number of tourism events that have brought together many people from different countries.: One in the Canary Islands, Spain and the other in Antwerp, Belgium. It is not yet known how the virus appeared in these cases.

So far, more than 200 cases have been registered. In Europe, Australia, the United States, Canada, Mexico and Argentina.

The first symptoms of monkeypox are fever and body aches. Generally, from the fourth day onwards, chickenpox-like lesions appear.. Learn more from the video above.

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