No illusions, only simple physics behind Entomac’s pass to DuPont

No illusions, only simple physics behind Entomac's pass to DuPont

The discussion continued for most of the week, and we all watched the video.

How far was Romain Entmac’s pass from Antoine DuPont to France’s first attempt against Ireland? The reality is that he has not moved forward, and this is why.

Many passes are caught long before the pass is delivered – it all depends on the physical law of relative speed, as the ball moves through the air as the passer moves forward.

If the ball carrier stops or pushes back, their pass will go forward, but will not, although the referees will sometimes be deceived and blow the whistle incorrectly. Ntmack is shot in his passion, and that’s where you find the misconception, the myth; If he had continued to run there would have been little talk about it. Those who suspect Thomas should watch the rugby pass video on YouTube.

Imagine that when Ireland face England, Joey Carberry takes a similar break to give Jameson the same inside pass that Gibson-Park tried to win. I’m going to collect so many pounds for a penny, we’re all going to panic, the referee’s head is asking for a plate, and we’re right.

We have seen other experiments with laws, some of which need to be discussed. When Dan Sheehan miraculously lifted France’s Melvin Jaminet above the Irish goal line, the on-field referee’s decision was ‘no try’ and the penalty was confirmed as there was no clear evidence that the ball had touched the ground in the replays. There is.

So, instead of a five-yard attacking scramble against France, the goal-line abandonment came again and the ball was handed over to Ireland to clear their lines, an undisputed possession. It was a great reward for an effort saved entry. Designed to discourage continuous pick-and-drive, it also saves time by avoiding another annoying annoyance of the scooter, which is certainly one of the thoughts behind this imitation rugby league law, and C itself is a sad story.

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