No, Bono wasn’t at Temple Bar this week

No, Bono wasn't at Temple Bar this week

An American appearance has created a sensation on the streets of Dublin!

This is the current extraordinary news. Many Dubliners and tourists saw U2’s famous Bono in Dublin this week. It was seen wandering around the Temple Bar district creating interest and curiosity among passers-by. There are many viral videos circulating on the web about this… but we want to tell you: No, it wasn’t Bono… but a look!

When a Bono look-alike is imitated in the Irish capital!

It didn’t take long for Pavel Sfera to get noticed. New to Ireland on holiday, this Californian knew how to attract all the attention as he lazed around Dublin’s Temple Bar district this week.

It must be said that the lookalike man didn’t hesitate to walk around, displaying the same distinctive markings as the famous Irish singer. Tinted glasses, slicked back hair, rings on hands, black clothes… the resemblance on this rock and roll side can be disturbing…

But this strategy did not deceive for long:

At first they think I’m Bono, and then when they walk in and hear my American accent, they realize I’m not, so they’re like, ‘Hey, you must be Bono’s half-brother. said Powell very happily.

We have to admit: The American was pretty cool walking the streets of Dublin! As soon as he started walking, the horn sounded. People greeted him from all sides, some took pictures of him or asked for a selfie.

The patient American took the time to explain that while he looked like Bono, he certainly wasn’t him and was in no way a half-brother.

Be that as it may, the comical scene deserved to amuse Dubliners and tourists alike. A slightly surreal scene, but after all, it might seem fitting… Of course, the real Bono has already passed through the streets of the Irish capital. He was even caught playing music in the street like buskers!

Find out now in Ireland:

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