Nissen, Kurkov, Challendon, Hertmans, Sands: trembling writers, shaken by the attack on their brother Salman Rushdie.


All are shaken, furious and on the verge of tears after a written attack on one of their brothers, Salman Rushdie.

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POases don’t exist these days. On the final day of the Estivales du Haute Calavonne and Literature en Haute Provence Festival, organized by Le Bleut de Bannon and David’s Wine Estate, writers and the public were shocked by the news of the attack on Salman Rushdie. Even if it’s Ukrainian writer Andrey Kurkov Gray bees, by George Challont, who lived to describe the horrors of the wars in Ireland, and by editor François Nissen, who published many combat books with Actus Sud, including Salman Rushdie’s, all shocked, outraged, on the verge of tears, at the attack on one of their writing brothers. “Hate, again…”, muttered Belgian Stephane Hertmans, reminding us that writing can also be a combat sport…

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