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17.51: Thank you for following us, good morning!

17.50: Appointment Sunday the 13th with the Grand Prix, Italy can perform well.

17.48: France wins 0th, Belgium 2nd with 4th, Holland 3rd with 8th, USA 4th with 8th, Canada 5th with 10th, Canada with 10th and GBR with 12th. Sixth, 20 for Ireland and 20 for Germany. Italy, who are ninth with 42 runs, were eliminated tenth after the first half

17.47: The perfect and lucky French stat ends in a clear victory for France, who have won the Nations Cup for the twentieth time, with three remaining final obstacles. The last success of Transalpine was 12 years ago!

17.45: Belgium reach worst second! Net for wallet. Now France. With the net he wins, he goes to the barrage with some other result

17.44: Double zero for American sauerkraut. US team 8 points, draw with Netherlands

17.41: Holland takes the lead through Houtzagar. 8 penalty points for Holland who can aim the podium

17.39: German Cook’s foul, 20 penalties in total for Germany paired with Ireland

17.37: British Wilson closes second with 12 penalties, 4 penalties

17.35: 4 penalties for Irish Kenny. A total of 20 penalties for frustrated Ireland, who finished eighth ahead of Italy and Spain.

17.33: Only penalty for Canada with Miller. Canada closes with 10 penalties, unlikely to make it to the podium race. This is the case with the Irish Kenny

17.32: Lorenzo de Luca gives up second heat. Italy closed with 42 penalties. Canada now

17.29: Worse, clear path for the French Bost, which closes at 4 points. The podium assured the transalpines that victory would be assured with another zero

17.27: Clear path for Belgian Guerrero. Belgium have 4 points. France is currently leading at 0

17.25: American Mogrey net course redeeming 8 penalties he suffered in the first heats

17.23: Double zero for Dutch Greven too. Holland is still in the race for the podium

17.20: Eckermann foul and foul, high time and 19 penalty points for Germany

17.19: Another zero for British Ellen Whittaker. Beware of Great Britain where positions can be climbed

17.16: Ireland bid farewell to dreams of glory: O’Connor have two fouls and eight penalties. This year the super favorites of the Irish and Eva will not be celebrated at Piazza de Siena

17.14: Penalty point for Canadian Underhill

17.12: Filippo Maria Bolognese also had a double error, closing with a penalty. Italy is also currently far from eighth

17.08: French Leprechaun make a mistake, but France remain 0-0 at the moment. Italy’s turn with Filippo Marco Bologni after individual Spaniard

17.07: Belgian Clemens’ poor performance knocks his team out of the first French standings with 8 penalties.

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17.05: Double mistake for American Reed. United States where positions may be lost

17.03: 4 penalties for Dutch Blessing which ended with the first heat clear cut.

17.01: Another mistake for the German Weishopt, who ended the Test with 4 penalties

17.00: Zero fines for British Stock Daily. Great Britain is there too

16.58: Zero penalty for Irish Lynch. The Irish are still in the race

16.55: Clear path for Canadian Foster, North Americans climb the slope

16.53: Several mistakes for the Blues: Garofalo scores 12 penalties and the Blues’ last dream of glory disappears

16.48: France defends well, another net with Delestrey. The French are still ahead. Italy’s turn will be with Antonio Maria Garofalo after Fernandes Sarro, who will play as an individual.

16.47: Another clear path, so double zero for Belgian Filiportes, who resumes Belgian aspirations

16.45: American Keele misses a penalty and 4 penalties

16.43: Dutch Vrieling collects two errors and closes with one point of delay: 9 points. Irish Allen does not start

16.39: A mistake for the German Wargers. 4 penalty points for Germany

16.38: British Whitaker ends his Test with 5 penalties, 1 error and 1 second overtime.

16.35: Candil made two errors with eight penalties for Canada

16.33: It’s not really a day for Luka Marciani, who ends the Test in the second heat with 9 penalties after 29 in the first heat. This is not proof that Italy will be allowed to score

16.31: The second heat is very small. Nine teams are competing except Spain. Italy will be there and will open the match with Luka Marciani

16.07: Second run from 16.30

16.05: Ranking: France 0; Belgium, USA, Holland 0; Germany, GBR, Ireland, Canada 8; Spain 8 out; Italia will advance to the final round as the 12th organizing nation, with no more than 8 points separated from eighth.

16.03: Vatlet errors lead to team losing first place, 8 penalties, 4 penalties for Belgians

16.02: Net course for French stat. The first team with zero penalties was the Transalpine team

15.59: An error by Canadian Miller, who closed with 4 penalties. Canada closed with 8 penalties

15.57: The path of the American sauerkraut is perfect. The United States closed with 4 penalties

15.55: Spain also leads Italy. Alvarez Moya’s net course and 8 penalties for the Iberian team

15.53: Too bad! Mistake de Luka arrives at the final hurdle. Italy closed with 12 penalties, close to the Blues

15.50: 4 penalty points for Irish Kenny. A total of 8 penalties for Ireland. Italy now need a full set to qualify for the final round

15.48: 20 Many penalties for British Wilson ending in 20 penalties and 75.00. The final performance was denied on 8 penalties for Great Britain

15.45: German Cook also scored 4 penalties in 72.73. 8 penalties for Germany

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4 penalties for Dutch Houtsagar with 15.43: 75.32. A total of 4 penalties for the Netherlands

15.41: Belgium Guerrero miss a fourth penalty after missing the last obstacle

15.39: The French Boast closes the clear path

Net course for the Canadian Underhill at 15.37: 74.56

15.35: American Mogre scored eight penalties in 72.83

15.33: Spaniard Alvarez Aznar closes at 75.04 with four penalties.

15.31: Blue Bolognese receives four penalty points at 76.50

15.29: The Irish O’Connor establishes the first, absolute route to his formation at 76.63. Now it’s Filippo Marco Bologni for Italy

15.26: British Ellen Whittaker closes at 73.98 with no errors

15.23: German Eckerman scored 72.79, but with four penalties

15.21: 74.11 Net course for Dutch Grove

15.16: Belgian Clemens give his team a second net at 74.47. Now a short break, then the last twenty pairs

15.14: French Leprechaun four penalties 74.80

15.08: American Reed scores 4 penalties and 74.42.

15.07: Spanish player Nunes Silva scores 9 penalties and 77.73.

15.05: Antonio Maria Garofalo completes 4 penalty points at 72.61, Neela’s best performance

03.03: Irish Lynch closes at 74.87 with 4 penalties, Irish trying to recover, Italy also trying after Marciani’s devastating separation.

15.00: 4 penalties for British Stock Dale 74.04. Now Ireland

14.58: 74.13 4 penalties for German Weishop

The Dutch piles, which closed at 14.55: 75.05, also cleared the way

14.53: Belgian Philippert‌s leads Belgium on a clear path at 72.19. It starts in Holland

14.52: French Delstre closes with a clear path: 74.71, second only to Germany. The first round with Belgium ends

8 penalties for a Canadian candle closing at 14.49: 74.33. Now France

14.46: American Keenan completes the net course at 75.09. That’s the case with Canada

14.44: Fernandes Saro of Spain scored 75.06 with 4 penalties. Now America

14.41: Early tragedy for Mars, many mistakes with reluctance. Italy standing against the wall. Neela scored 85.27 with 29 penalty points

14.38: Ireland did not start well: Allen 12 penalties, time 72.56. This is the time of the first blue, Luka Marciani

14.36: British Whitaker 4 penalties, 73.94. Now Ireland

14.33: German Warriors score 74.48 without error. Now British Whitaker

14.31: 77.72 5 penalty points for Vrieling

2.30pm: Holland Jur Vriling begins. All national teams deserve three scores in two heats and four pairs

14.28: Holland, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Spain, USA, Canada, France and Belgium in the race.

14.25: On paper, however, the favorite was Ireland, who made it to the podium six times out of twenty partners but never won (second, second, fourth and third place): Team Chef Michael Blake called on Bertram Allen and Alexander Butler. Darag Kenny, Denise Lynch, Cian O’Connor.

14.22: Other pairs in Italy are: Francesca Sirici of Cape Coral, Lorenzo de Luka of F1 Yusa, Antonio Maria Garofalo of Conquestador, and Luka Marciani of Lightning.

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14.19: In the formation of Italy: Filappo Bologni, the carabiner chosen by Quilasio, replaces Ricardo Pizani of Chocolate in the blue fifth, from which four pairs will be selected by national selector Marco Poro.

14.16: Ireland, who have never won in 20 editions, are the number one favorite for the final victory, but Italy want to do better at home.

14.13: The 89th CSIO5 *’s traditional Nations Cup takes place in Rome Piazza de Siena – Master Fratelli di Incio

14.10: Good morning to friends of OA Sport‌s, welcome to the live coverage of the Nations Cup for equestrian events, one of the most anticipated events of the competition taking place in Piazza de Siena, Rome.

Program, Timetables, TV, Streaming Nations Cup Piazza di Siena – Presentation of Nations Cup Piazza de Siena – Italy’s squad for Piazza Siena – Piazza de Siena’s Complete Program – Eligibility Criteria for Show Jumping in Paris 2024 – Chronicle of the First Day of Competition at Piazza Siena

Hello, and welcome to the Live of the Nations Cup of Riding, one of the most anticipated events of the week in Piazza di Siena, Rome! It is traditional Nations Cup 89th CSIO5 * Piazza di Siena in Rome – Master Fratelli di Incio, Scheduled for Friday, May 27: Ireland is the number one favorite, having yet to win in twenty editions For the final victory, but Italy want to do better at home.

In the crowd AssuriCompared to the first list given, there was one Replacement In pairs eligible to compose Formation of Italy: In Carabinier was replaced by Filippo Bologni in Quilasio, replacing Ricardo Pizani in Chocolate. Four pairs of blue five will be selected National Team Selector, Marco Poro. Other pairs in Italy are: Francesca Sirici in Cape Coral, Lorenzo de Luka in F1USA, Antonio Maria Garofalo in Conquestador, Luka Marciani in Lightning. The The quarterfinals for the Nations Cup are on Friday the 27th.

But on paper Favorite is IrelandIt rose to twenty holdings He went on stage six times but could not succeed (Two Second and Four Third): Low Team Leader Michael Blake Called Bertram Allen, Alexander Butler, Darrag Kenny, Denise Lynch, Cian O’Connor.

OA Sport offers you the live coverage of the Nations Cup for horseback riding, one of the most anticipated races at the Piazza di Siena in Rome. Live news, within minutes, so as not to miss anything, It starts at 2.30!

Photo by Live Media / Fabricio Corradi

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