Nintendo’s new movie is getting a huge and incredible cast

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Nintendo is preparing a licensed animated film Super Mario Bros. With a large vocal cast now announced. And there is something amazing.

Back Pokemon: Detective Pikachu when Film in Sonic, Nintendo did not succumb to the craze of live action adaptation (as the National Desk might have guessed) Super Mario Bros. (Since 1993) Production Company Illumination (despicable Me) Expand The next animated feature film on the most popular symbol of video games.. Shigeru Miyamoto, the father of the licensee, will be working with the American company Christopher Meledandri to produce this new film.

The biggest announcement of Nintendo Direct these days is that the Japanese creator and producer has announced an incredible cast. Super MarioVisually dependent A popular name for attracting people to the theater..

In the casting, Mario collects his stars

Thus, the film brings together most of the leading characters of the franchise, including Chris Pratt, the leading actor in the franchise. Galaxy Guardian And the trio Jurassic World, A person who gives voice to Mario. This casting choice should not be unanimous among fans, Star-Lord performers have already proven that dubbing is easy In an animated film when Lego Great Adventure..So, it should not be too difficult to sit under the plumber’s mustache and hat.

Photo by Chris Pratt“Beautiful Yoshi”

Surprisingly, the other Taylor Joy (The magician, Checkers ,Emma), Hollywood is booming and will soon find a rising star Soho last nightPlay Princess Peach after your first successful voice acting experience in the Netflix series Black Crystal: During DefenseFor their part, Charlie Day (A place on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, Philadelphia Cream) After the cry, play as Luigi, Mario’s faithful companion. Lego Great Adventure Do not forget this sequel Monster College..

Jack Black has a voice on the side of the malicious bowser (King Kong, Rock Academy, Jumanji: Welcome to the forestThe actor already has a solid background that calls for three main characters Kung Fu Panda, Without his participation in the film Shark group when Ice age..

Photo, Anya Taylor JoyPhoto, Anya Taylor JoyThe live action version is being reconsidered

After giving his voice for the series Shadow glass And film Lego, Keegan-Michelle (My name is Dreamite, The hunter, Looking for tomorrow) Play a sweet frog, Seth Rojan (Large tomb, Express Delirium, Our worst neighbor), Which is also part of the franchise Kung Fu Panda, Become a Donkey Kong (Imagine it’s not panicking more than usual).

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Enfin, Fred Armissen (Portlandia) Dubbing Specialist Kevin Michael Richardson (Lilo & Stitch, Invincible, Plains2) May be a boring comedian, but Sebastian Manis Calco (Irish, The Green Book) Play like spikes. Famous for the voices of Mario, Luigi, and other characters, Charles Martിനെnez has not forgotten, and will create amazing, unpretentious guests.

Nintendo has revealed that the film will be released on December 21, 2022. In the U.S.. The French date has not been revealed yet, but the film will arrive here during the holidays.

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Nintendo’s new movie is getting a huge and incredible cast

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