Nintendo Switch Pro in 4K with DLSS 2.0, in the opinion of some insiders –

Nintendo Switch Pro in 4K with DLSS 2.0, in the opinion of some insiders -

Nintendo Switch Pro Go back to the center of some of the rumors that talk about graphics 4K resolution Thanks to Phantom for implementing the technology in the new console DLSS 2.0 from Nvidia, In the opinion of some insiders.

Of course it is approx Rumors It should not be considered as 100% reliable information, it is far from it, but the information comes from two reset erra forum users rated by the moderators. “Verified” sources. This does not mean that they are right, but it seems that they both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.

Users identify themselves as “Z0m3le”, “NatetheHate”, and the latter is a good example of information that can be specifically disseminated and later verified. According to these alleged individuals, the Nintendo Switch Pro is actually a significant evolution of the hardware of the Nintendo console, although this has been rejected several times by the company.

According to both reports, this will be an improved version of the current one capable of reaching 4K resolution using Nvidia’s DLSS 2.0 technology. This is a repetitive rumor as it is a hardware based switch developed by the same company, but so far no confirmation has been found. However, this is an interesting prospect Solution It is very valid for enhancing performance and resolution without affecting the hardware too much.

This new model will get a hint Datamining Performed on some Nintendo Switch games, it recently revealed an existence Third profile Along with the usual features of portability or “docked” games that suggest more options to take advantage of the new hardware.

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