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Nightdive Studios “closer” to Golden Eye 007 revival

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Nightdive Studios “closer” to Golden Eye 007 revival

Photo: Nintendo Live.

A rare iconic first-person shooter Golden eyes 007 It was thought to be stuck in licensing hell, but after persistent rumors and last week’s Nintendo Direct, Switch Online N64 has been officially announced. It also comes with Xbox Game Pass You challenge And with minor improvements.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be the calculated remaster that was leaked last year, which is better than nothing. We can’t help but wonder what would happen with Nightdive Studios (shadow manAnd Powerslavs) right to revive this classic, not rare. According to studio CEO Stephen Keck, Nightdive seems incredibly close to a re-release. Here is what he said:

NightdiveStudio came close to doing that, but I’m glad to finally see GoldenEye return to modern platforms, and I’m even more glad that RareLtd is the studio to bring it back.

Unfortunately, Kick didn’t explain how the situation came about. Despite not being able to secure the Golden Eye 007, as mentioned in the tweet above, he’s still “excited” to see the N64 classic return, and is happy that Rare is bringing it back to life.

Nightdive Studio is currently full of toys System shock A recently published project, Rise of the Trinity: Silly Edition. Kik previously hinted at how interested the studio would be in making a comeback next As a classic Eternal darknessBut Nintendo is out of luck.

Revisit GoldenEye 007 when it goes online? Want to know what the Nightdive version of this game has to offer? Comment below.

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