NieR Replicant Review ver.1.22474487139 “The taste of water I want you to enjoy”

NieR Replicant Review ver.1.22474487139 "The taste of water I want you to enjoy"

Reject A game from the famous director Yoko Tarot (Yoko Taro) is one of the many superhero games with an attractive storyline. Unique character design and heartwarming background music reproduced by NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139. The game looks more modern and accessible with the game in the rebuilt area, although the game has been out for a long time

As part of this review, important content has not been disclosed. But the focus will be on the emotions gained from the game and the improved things from the original. (Since the original version of the game was released 11 years ago)

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 It was officially released on April 21st, the same day that Neer was released on PS3 consoles 11 years ago, so it’s good to find a release date for Remastered.


If you are already a fan of Yoko Tarot, you know what kind of story you are facing, otherwise you should be ready. Prepare the liver together. Because it will be a game that conveys the indescribable meaning of being human. The story will be very sad in the style of Mr. Yoko

One of the endings of Drakenguard follows the story context of Neer, which can be said to be related to the previous two Neer films. In NieR’s story, the story begins in a world that has already begun. Due to the arrival of the Shade Giants that changed the civilization of the human world and the outbreak of Black Scroll disease.

Humans need to return to life more dependent on nature. Along with the discovery of the so-called ‘magic’ sleeping everywhere, our hero with a sister named ‘Jonah’ needs to be taken care of by this black cold. Along with the adventure of finding a way to heal his sister

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(Personally, in the story, I want to know as much as I can before I go to enjoy myself because the content is completely plot twisted)


This area is called the complete overhaul of the combat system, and it looks like a new game. From the outdated system, this time, the combat system was improved to make playing more fun, especially with the flow of attacks. Various animations make the game more innovative than ever. And you can add more fun

Beyond this point the game is still detailed which gameplay will be similar. Since the dynamics of the old game are over 11 years old from the old game itself, we still see the maps loading scenes to change regularly. This is understandable at this point (but at first it was secretly expected to be compatible with NieR Automtata)

The game presents the gameplay from a different perspective so that we can better understand the context. It is already one of the features of the NieR game to adapt to the scene, such as sudden changes in camera angles.


The most notable improvements are the graphics. It’s pretty much modified like a game that was released 1-2 years ago and has not expired. Who is a fan of Neer? This is one reason to come back with dramatically improved graphics and regain the taste of the game.

More importantly, some of the characters have been redesigned to look even better. Especially our hero and Cain, and there’s a lot of reconstruction besides this. Such as maps and bosses.

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I tried to play the game on the PlayStation 4. The game is considered polished to an extent. I rarely have a problem with performance. This game plays even on older PS4. The frame rate has a few drops when battling weight, but it’s not ugly.


NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 This is a game made for real fan service friends. Ideal game for those who want to try a taste Reject Being one Mr. Yoko Tarot Especially if you’ve played this game for the first time. It is still worth trying again. Because the game contains content that was previously cut from the original (no spoilers)

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A great soundtrack awaits you on NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 as NieR in both stories.

NieR Replicant is now ver.1.22474487139 It has been officially released by PS on PS4, Xbox One and Steam.This is another game you can not really miss.

Thanks to Square Enix for giving the game a test play for this review.

Proofread: Suchaya Ketsamras

NieR Replicant Review ver.1.22474487139 “The taste of water I want you to enjoy.”







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point of view

Dramatically improved graphics

The story of Yoko Tarot is still full.

Game fans who played this. It’s worth playing again.

Excellent background music

A better combat system than ever before.

Additional Content for Fan Service


Scenes still need to be loaded regularly because of the old game.

The challenge of the employer must be increased. Depending on the development of the combat system

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