Nicoloto flies to the 2023 European Championships

Nicoloto flies to the 2023 European Championships

Ascoli Piceno – Under-21s completed mission for Italy Paulo Nicoloto, Del Duca de Ascoli beat Ireland 4-1 and took the pass to next year’s European Championships in Georgia and Romania (9 June – 2 July 2023), finishing Group F, A + 5, in qualifying. In Ireland trying to reach the finish line in the playoffs in September. An equalizer was enough for Azurini, but they went on to score, thanks to goals from Rovella (from the penalty spot) Cambiagi in the first half and Pellegri and Quagliata in the second half.

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Italy leaves poker to fly to Under-21 European Championship: Ireland Co

Selection of two coaches

Con Carnesechi In the pits due to injury, there is still a draw in Sweden Plissary To resist the blue door 3-5-2 Niccol chose Confirmation Module and field training a Helsingborg. Okoli and Viti in front of the goalkeeper Pirola With Cambiasso and Paris External, When there is Medium I am a Juventus player Not Rowella (Returning from Genoa) Roma Bowe (preferred to Bianconero Mireti) to co-star with Torino player and captain Samuel RichieCambiaghi shoulder Pellegri Under attack. The one they line up is a 4-4-2 Irish Coached by American James CrawfordThe midfielder hands over the keys to the captain Coventry Ahead he relies on the couple formed by Kerrigan Ferguson.

Rowella and then Gambiagi on penalties

Immediately Aggressive Italy with Pellegri in a minute Check your reflexes Goalkeeper Maher was able to save his foot in the 3 ‘Cambiagi The mirror does not frame. Asurini hears being pushed by fans They insist But on the 16th, Paris does not reach the head of the cross from the right Cambiasso After a minute the impact of the cross is lost Change them, This time from the left. Then he thinks about giving a hand to Nicoloto’s team McGuinnessIn developments at any one angle Innocently controls Okoli Let him down in the area: it’s for the referee Hardness (Yellow for Irish) e Not RowellaSweden has already reached the target and has since repeated Diskette Extremely defensive and displacing the guest. Italy He does not intend to be satisfied But a deep-throwing Pellegri kicks a little to the right (23 ‘) and Paris on the other. Good to see you in advance A small bone ready to strike in the blue area (28 ‘) Bagan Half an hour later (31 ‘) you step into the curve from a distance. Italians are less likely to be intimidated That’s doubled to 35 Change them: Straight to the right of attacking Atlantino (new from Pordenone’s loan), he won 2-0. First goal in an under-21 shirt (35 ‘). A conclusion from Bowe’s distanceRoughness‘(41’) and a left round Wild Cambiagi was the last to be deflected into a corner by an away goalkeeper Emotions Of the first half ending two minutes after recovery.

Three for Pellegri and four for Quagliatta

Upon returning from the locker rooms, with the same eleven people starting the match, Azurini immediately found all three, thank you Pellegri: Monaco-owned striker takes advantage of Irish goalkeeper Maher’s error to score from just a few paces just 38 seconds later. At 56, ‘Kambiyagi is attempting a violent shot that does not surprise Maher this time around. Then, four minutes later, Viti Lands Smallbone In the area, Hungarian referee Boger rules a penalty: Ireland’s captain Coventry displaces Plisari and makes no mistake from the spot. Italy, who continue to control the game, are not worried. The fourth goal scored by a newcomer in ’86 also matured Quagliata defeats Maher in the right shot. This is a special pleasure for the Sicilian defender who plays for Hercules in the Netherlands. No more surprises: Italy Under-21 Ireland beat Ireland 4-1 And flies directly to the 2023 European Championships without losing any of the 10 qualifiers.

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