Nicola Rogoro Exclusive: “England in Surreal Atmosphere: Italy One Step Back. In Klopp and Guardiola …”

Nicola Rogoro Exclusive: "England in Surreal Atmosphere: Italy One Step Back. In Klopp and Guardiola ..."
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“Winning the Premier League is harder than winning the Champions League.” So Pep GuardiolaThe day before the confrontation Manchester City and Aston VillaHe chose to empower his people who are between heaven and hell An English championship is yet to be awarded. At the 38th and final gate of the championship, in fact, the former First Division The queen has not yet been installed Citizens E LiverpoolWith men Klopp Only one point away to follow Sky Blues. However, doubts will be resolved on Sunday, May 22 from 17:00, with both teams facing off against their respective opponents at the same time.

We eagerly welcomed people to keep them warm Only for our Nicola Rogero microphonesEpic Commentator The sky And the greatest admirer of English football culture. With him, it seemed natural to walk between the individual events and distinctive features of the most fascinating championship in the world, trying to compare the Italian philosophy with the Anglo-Saxon interpretation.

Nicola Rogero

Nicola, what a pleasure to be here! Can we talk about you?

“My pleasure! Of course, we can tell you”.

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Before the joys, there is an iconic career that is easily associated with the great Premier League. In this regard, take a curiosity: is the first approach to the English Championship a pre-determined passion or job assignments?

As a kid, I used to watch Swiss TV, Had a high level of information and a very high cultural standard in the sport. The Italian language channel Dominica Sportiva broadcast highlights (though not mentioned at the time) of the best matches of the Championship Day. The 3 or 4 minute pictures were enough to make me fall in love with that atmosphere: the public stadiums so close to the pitch, the muddy grounds, the white balls … I never wanted to leave the English panorama “.

Historically, which team have you commented on the most?

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I have always been a supporter of Manchester UnitedEven now, as a reporter, participation is inevitably a combination of commitment and professional responsibilities. Interestingly, the first full Manchester United match I saw ended in defeat: it was the English Cup Final, which in those years was broadcast live on Swiss TV. The United Was the favorite, but lost 1-0 Southampton, During the Second Division. With a decent playful attitude, I decided that those majestic inferiors deserved it, and since then I too have followed the saints very sympathetically.

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Wayne Rooney, former Manchester United, Everton, England national team ImageSport
Wayne Rooney, former Manchester United, Everton, England national team ImageSport

Rogero: “Surreal atmosphere in England. What does Italy know?”

What are some of the factors that made you like English football at first glance? At that time, the current economic and infrastructure impact did not exist …

“I loved the atmosphere of the stadiums, the support of the fans (not hooligans, of course), the speed, toughness and loyalty of the game. The referees whistled very little with the players who did not dare to oppose the referee’s decision. Another mentality, I think, is undeniable. “

In your view, what motivates the English to fill the stadiums of each category despite the importance of the competition or the prestige of the club? At the cultural level, what are the factors that can bring about this great intervention?

Football, but sport in general, is an integral part of British social structure. The middle class believed that rugby could not hold important positions without enjoying the rigors of the field. Wimbledon tournament The height of tradition, football was the best way to spend Saturday for the most popular band. He has a love for the game and his favorite team that goes beyond simple results, and is illiterate on a sporting level that is hard to understand in a country like Italy. Our passion for sports confuses what we enjoy with the blue pencil mistake.“.

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Do you think Serie A can learn and apply ideas from English football?

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“I’m not afraid. There is no concept of an alloy, Except for one attempt to narrow down the clubs: the hunt for money. No one cares about stadiums, facilities, structures, anyone who knows how to value stories and characters, and no one who understands how certain behaviors can ruin the reputation of a championship. We have no hope: compromise with the ultra world where bad budgets, imaginary capital gains, late salaries and even the police suffer.

So, don’t you think the English fan will still be fascinated by our championship?

“I’ll give you the simplest answers: No, absolutely not“.

Liverpool fans at Anfield

Rogero: “Klopp is unlikely to win. There’s a young man I care about … “

We are in the final credit of this competitive season: you can still see the title Red?

it’s difficultJudgment is no longer in their hands, and from the end I think one day a return is unlikely.

Guardiola will probably take the crown home. How much do you think has influenced the way football is judged and experienced in England?

“He imposed his own philosophy, which is not in the strings of the British tradition. He was brilliant at appreciating anythingWitness a career full of well-deserved successes “.

In the future, who do you think will be the young profiles that English football can provide to football fans?

“I can refer to people I already know, but it will be clear. In addition to the most popular, I really like Nathan CollinsOwned by Central Defender of Irish descent Burnley“.

Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool) Pep Guardiola (Manchester City)
Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool) Pep Guardiola (Manchester City)

Rogero: “I hope it brings positive reactions”

At the end of the day, I can only mention the “Premier League”. The most exciting football legend of all time. “Your latest bookstore release in 2019 is a hymn to the history that goes hand in hand with modern-day Chiaroscuro Romanticism.

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“The writing of these pages is an obsession with English football. I knew a lot of stories, I was able to delve into them, I discovered others through research, and they fascinated me a lot. If it has an impact, I hope it was on the right lifestyle and sports monitoring that is poorly digested in our country.

We’re done: Are we breaking up with a commentary mantra?

Considering the upcoming summer, I think it’s worth putting it on Umbrella for a long drink“.

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