Nicola Coglan – Star Portrait, News & Images

Nicola Coglan - Star Portrait, News & Images


  • First Name
    Nicola Mary
  • Name
  • Born

    09.01.1987, Galway / Ireland

  • Asterisk


  • Years
  • Size
    1.55 m

Biography of Nicola Coglan

When Nicola Coglan was five, she fell in love with her sister’s school game. From then on it was clear: Nicola wanted to be an actress. But after graduating from school, she first decided to go to university, graduating in English and Classics.

Studied acting in England

Now is the time to finally pursue acting passions. With a university degree in her pocket, the young woman went to England to apply ” Oxford School of Drama ” And was accepted. There he studied acting for some time She moved to the Birmingham School of Acting.

From a dream?

But his career at Limelight did not really rise. When the money ran out, Nicola Gogolin could no longer live on her own and returned to her family in Ireland. There she did small jobs and worked part-time at an optician in her hometown of Galway. At that time She also struggled with depressionWith the help of her family she was able to overcome.

Things are looking up

Fortunately, Nicola Coglan did not give up acting. When she heard from the open cast London’s legendary theater “The Oldwick” Hearing, she mustered up all the courage and auditioned. With success! Kaflan caught it Play the female character “Jess and Joe Forever” Jess has also been off the boards meaning world ever since.

Breakthrough by “Dairy Girls”

Inspired by this success, Nicola Coglan pursued more roles and eventually landed the role that gave them a breakthrough. In British Teenage Sitcom Dairy Girls Set against the backdrop of the lives of a group of young people during the Northern Ireland conflict, Nicola Coglan plays teenage Claire Devlin. Although she was about 30 years old, she was 1.55 meters tall and young in stature, so she could reliably embody the role of youth.

Series success “Bridgetton”

Nicola Coglan is also indebted to her special look for her next role. In 2019 she announced that she was in it Netflix-series “Bridgeton” Playing with. In the period-drama series, Kogglan plays the reluctant debutant Penelope Featherington, who is much younger than the actress herself. “Bridgetton” is a big hit on the streaming service, and now Nicola Coglan’s five-year-old dream – the old one had to come true.

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