Nicola Coglan Pvt.

Nicola Coglan Pvt.

The second season of “Bridgeton” has been running on Netflix since March 25. Surely who can not be seen? Lady Whistledown presented by Nicola Coglan. We introduce actress Penelope in more detail.

Nicola Coglan as Penelope Featherington in Bridgeton
Image: Liam Daniel / Netflix © 2022

The biggest mystery of “Bridgeton’s’ first season may be her: Lady Whistledown. After the episode, fans were left confused as to who was hiding behind the mysterious nickname. Since the end of Season 1, it’s clear now: this is Penelope Featherington. The character is played by Nicola Coglan, who once again plays the central character in Season 2 of the Netflix hit series. We present the “Gossip Girl” from “Bridgeton” in more detail and tell you if Nicola has a soft spot for gossip outside of London’s high society and the associated ball season.

Nicola Coglan: That’s how she got into acting

In the Netflix series Bridgeton, Irish actress Nicola Coglan plays the role of Penelope “Penn” Featherington, an intelligent young woman born into a family she does not understand herself. But in real life, Nicola Coglan, born January 9, 1987 in Galway, Ireland, is far less than her character on the show – and attractive. How did she get into acting? Through the big sister I saw in the school drama when I was five. After that, Nicola knew that she too would become an actress one day.

From “Dairy Girls” to “Bridgetton”

To make her dream come true, she attended the Oxford School of Drama and the Birmingham School of Acting. Although it took years to start her career, she got a big break in 2018 when Penelope Featherington signed on to play in the Netflix series Bridgeton. Prior to that, she played a major role in the British sitcom Dairy Girls. She has appeared on shows such as The Harlets, The Great Christmas / Festive Bake Off, and Rupol’s Drag Race UK.

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That’s what Nicola Coglan has in common with Lady Whistledown

What do she really have in common with the character Penelope? In an interview ““Like her character in the series, Sundari once revealed that she finds it difficult to keep secrets, a fact that has already caused resentment in her own family.” I’m not good at keeping secrets. Friends may trust me, but my own secrets must be revealed. I’m always been very excited, “said the Bridgetton star.

She even took away the hope of “Bridgetton” from her own family: “When I got this role, my whole family quickly realized that I was Lady Whistledown. None of them were smart enough to talk to me, and they didn’t even enjoy the show.”

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Netflix star Nicola Coglan loves her curves

Another passion she shares with Lady Whistledown is the discs. In 2018, Kogglan wrote an exciting essay for “”.Patron“In it, she expressed her frustration with critics who constantly criticize her body instead of her job, in which she wrote:” Women in my work line are constantly being checked for their appearance. This also applies to male actors … but some in our society say that women’s bodies deserve scrutiny in a way that men do not. ”

Nicola Coglan in private with boyfriend? Her own love life remains a mystery

Little is known about the private life of the 1.55-meter-tall Irish woman. Whether the Irish actress currently has a boyfriend remains her secret. However, Nicola Coglan seems to be doing well with her “Bridgeton” colleagues. Several set snapshots illustrate this.

Nicola Coglan in profile

Name: Nicola Coglan

Birthday: January 9, 1987

Place of birth: Galway, Ireland

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Eye color: Blue

Height: 1.55 m

Relationship Status: Unmarried

Children: None

Nicola Coglan On Instagram

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