Nick Knowles claps his hands again on body shamers about the lockdown transformation

Nick Knowles claps his hands again on body shamers about the lockdown transformation

DIY: Nick Knowles claps his hands again on body shamers after SOS Children in Demand feature (Photo: BBC)

Children in Need Special DIY: Nick Knowles once again claps his hands on body shamers aiming to appear on SOS.

The team traveled to Caswell Bay, Swansea, to turn the Round Down Bus Shelter into a charity surfing UK surfing center that provides surfing lessons for the disabled and learning difficulties.

The 58-year-old presenter addressed the transition to Lockdown down within the first few minutes of the installment and told his colleagues: ‘I became a great surfer during Lockdown.’

Jules joked, ‘You’re really big, well,’ the camera added ’10 pbs’.

However, some onlookers from home focused more on the good work Nick was doing for charity.

He said on Twitter that he needed to pay more attention to the emotional aspects.

‘Yes we are not actors,’ the actor wrote. ‘Yes, I’m great after lockdown. Yes my hair is a mess.

‘I don’t care. This is DIYSOS !!!! Focus on the story. ‘

This does not seem to deter some, a follower posts: ‘The comments I read tonight are so bad, people can be so bad!

‘Nick, you and I can lose weight, but these idiots are still bad and scary people.

‘Keep up the good work on IDIYSOS and ignore the widgets.’

Nick Knowles DIY SOS

Nick addresses his lockdown transition in the first minute of the show (Image: BBC)

I’m a celebrity പുറത്ത kick me out The star here replied: ‘Oh don’t bother me – if they can see an SOS like this they think they’re beyond recovery.’

Labeling a ‘Twitter user’ as ‘unhealthy’ and ‘big’ [sic]’, He said:’ No, thank you for your concern ‘.

Nick spoke About his ‘body weight’ during the lockdown and why he wants to take the lead.

He explained that he wants to address this in a way that makes people who are struggling with their own changes this year feel something ‘positive’.

Raising the lid on children is a specialty of DIY: SOS, and he told us: ‘We start the show with myself, hairy, bearded and fat.

I lost weight during the lockdown because I was writing too much and could not travel much, and had a minor injury, which means I could not train much. [people] Was doing.

‘People are self-aware of the weight that people may be hanging on to or the length of their hair that has grown.

“I thought, ‘This is not really a bad way to start,’ to be upset at the beginning,” It’s not a problem, you go through it, but it’s going through. ”

‘There are so many small layers and things that we give people to try and try to get everything right, and try to give people such positivity. “

DIY: SOS’s Children’s requirement is available for streaming on BBC iPlayer.

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