Next week: the end of summer under the sun and the freshness of the morning

Next week: the end of summer under the sun and the freshness of the morning

A UK high starting at the weekend will spread across most of Europe next week with a dry and stable continental current. Despite some clouds in the north, this will guarantee us sunny weather. From next Friday, the reliability decreases, because the anticyclone is likely to retreat from Germany under the pressure of a deepening depression near the Atlantic.

Part of the week under anticyclonic protection

Monday, the sun will shine on 2/3 of the country. North of the Seine to the Channel banks, clouds will be more abundant, with a chance of rain near the Belgian and German borders.

Mardi etc Wednesday, we will benefit from a good anticyclonic weather in early autumn. But in the morning, low clouds or fog will prevent the sun from reaching the northern regions. Generally, these grisailles never last long.

Decay at the end of maturity

Thursday, as the British anticyclone moves into Germany, winds will gradually shift southerly, limiting the formation of gray weather in the north in the morning. In the afternoon, the sky will become cloudy in the Atlantic regions, which will reach the tip of Brittany in the evening.

Friday, the disturbance may attack a large part of the country, threatening weather with a few showers in a clear mild atmosphere, sometimes becoming heavy in the afternoon. However, at this time, the reliability of this degeneration, its severity and the number of regions involved need to be defined.

Large temperature range

Next week will be marked by significant temperature differences between morning and afternoon. These large amplitudes are associated with clear skies. At night, it promotes a rapid drop in temperature through radiation, and during the day, the temperature in the plains is sometimes close to 5 degrees Celsius and white snow is likely to form from the north to the center of the country. In the afternoon, high temperatures from Monday to Wednesday will range from 16°C in the northeast to 23°C in the southwest and 25°C near the Mediterranean, which is 1 to 2°C below seasonal norms. From Thursday, the wind direction will be south-east and the atmosphere will be warm. It will be warm again in the Aquitaine basin on Friday afternoon with temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius.

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