Newsletter NZZ Film: Die Best Ben Syrian 2020, ന Junichi »,« The Flight Attendant »,« Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

Newsletter NZZ Film: Die Best Ben Syrian 2020, ന Junichi »,« The Flight Attendant »,« Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

The film editors of “New Surchetung” and “Ensemble Am Sontag” present the most important films and series of the week every Wednesday.

Most important movies and series of the week: Best Ben Serian 2020, ന Junichi »,« The Flight Attendant »,« Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

Note: As an exception, our newsletter is a little shorter than usual during the holidays.

Best Series of 2020 (and a few cutoffs): Which series influenced the team the most from the “NZZ-Film” newsletter? These include “Queen’s Gambit” and “The Last Dance”. Which of the following excludes some of us because of boredom? Click here for a list of “NZZ am Sonntag”.

The most important movies and series of the week

ന Junichi »: A nigu man enters the life of all kinds of women and fulfills desires and leaves.

This is all: Young Junichi knows what women want. No matter how old you are or what troubles you have, the attractive stranger becomes the irresistible fulfillment of all your desires. Even after disappearing again, he leaves a mark on the lovers’ lives.

Is it worth it? Inevitably. When Hirokasu Korida, the emperor of Japanese film art, presents a mini-series, this is a cinematic recognition of the narrative. The visual concept of “Junichi” convinces the Japanese of minimalist kind of elegance. Peace, small and medium big secrets can reach you again and again like a surprise bag. Very few can be predicted. To the review of “NZZ am Sonntag”.

“Flight Attendant”: A flight attendant with an alcohol problem follows his lover’s killer.

This is all: Flight attendant Cassie (Kali Cuco) gets up next to her murdered boyfriend after a night stand in Bangkok. It would not have happened because she was so drunk. But then who? She can’t remember anything. Casey, driven by her instincts, chases the killer, always one step ahead of the FBI.

Is it worth it? Much. “The Flight Attendant” is an exciting and fun crime thriller. It’s not just about hunting down the killer, it’s also about the hero’s soul. While Casey hopes that the memories of the deadly night will return, she tries to suppress something else: a childhood trauma is now coming back to her consciousness. In HBO Max. To the review of “NZZ am Sonntag”.

For streaming

  • A waiting for a bus »: Hans (Ronald Sehrfeld) and Ralph (Felix Kramer), best friends and unemployed, kill time at a bus stop somewhere in Brandenburg. They philosophize about life, identity, ideas and opportunities. They quarrel. Highlight: Katherine, who is in love with both of them, gets off her bus for a break. A gruesome portrait of two souls trapped in their dreams and the remnants of a former GDR. On Netflix. (Denise Butcher) ★★★★
  • Midnight Sky: From his station in the Arctic, researcher Augustine (George Clooney) tries to prevent a spaceship from returning to Earth because it is now uninhabitable. Apocalyptic drama, with or without Clooney, is beautifully photographed, but full of boredom and cleanucks and only raises existential questions. On Netflix. (Denise Butcher) ★★
  • «Sound of Metal»: A young musician couple is on tour. Suddenly the drummer (Riz Ahmed) almost loses his hearing. Now he doesn’t have to release the communication. Darius Marders’ first film hunts and develops the power to endure his own destiny through the clever use of sound without the psychological luxury of psychology. In the Amazon Prime video. (Tobias Sedmeyer) ★★★★
  • “Wolfwalkers”: In 1650, Robin and his father moved from England to Kilkenny, Ireland, where they assigned a hunter to exterminate a pack of wolves. But Robin discovers that the wolves are not appearing and tries to save her new friends. The animated film is not close to the “Song of the Sea”, but is a work of art made using this adventure and the analog drawing and painting that came to life. On Apple TV +. (Denise Butcher) ★★★★
  • ം Prom »: Four Broadway stars want to increase their popularity and help ummah after failures. She was forbidden to join her school prom because she was a lesbian. Director Ryan Murphy, along with the makers of the Broadway model, dug out the most ingenious stage clichs from the music production kit and put them together randomly to focus on the old, great days of music. Tolerance is just an expression. On Netflix. (Mike Mർller)
  • “The Body of Christ”: What is the core of the Christian faith? This is the question that examines the disturbing, beautiful and multiple award-winning film by Poland Jan Komasa. In it, a criminal pretends to be a priest and inspires the people of a village because he tries to reconcile with them after a tragic event. At and (Sarah Stutt) ★★★★★
  • Undo: After Johannes is thrown out, Andrne (Paula Beer) meets Christoph (Franz Rogowski). The newlyweds seem to be inseparable, but Andine’s fate is predetermined. Through this enchanting triangular story, Christian Petzold transforms the untold myth into today’s Berlin and tells a love story full of magical realism. At and (Sylvia Posavek) ★★★★

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We recommend this week

Cool man electrifying: Chadwick Bosman, the Black Panther actor who died in August, slips into the role of the dream trumpeter in the Netflix production of Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. In his last film, he shows an Oscar-worthy performance. To the NZZ article.

Questions about the world of movies, movies and series

Appendix to the Secret of “Undercover”: Many readers contacted us because they could not find the series on Netflix.

Netflix took over. An inspection conducted yesterday Wednesday showed that the problem needs to be fixed. If “Undercover” is entered in the search field on the website, the missing series will now appear.

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I wish you a fun week and a Merry Christmas.

Culture Editor Denise Butcher, Sunday Sunday NZZ

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