New York Marathon, 50th Edition: 1970 from 127 to the Great Return

New York Marathon, 50th Edition: 1970 from 127 to the Great Return

Kovid is 42 km after the stop
Most popular: Initially 33,000, only 100 Italians

Sunday, September 13, 1970: The first New York Marathon, organized by the City Road Runners’ Club under the chairmanship of Great Fred Lebo, was attended by 127 people. One dollar for registration. Anonymous race – about 100 spectators – takes place in Central Park, with a circuit that repeats four times around Park Drive. They end up at 55, and no one lives in sports. Gary Muharke won in 2h31’38.

The gift

Sunday, November 7, 2021: After the era of Alan Steinfeld, Mary Wittenberg, and others of no importance, the Big Apple Marathon has always been run by the same association now led by Kerin Hempel, celebrating its 50th edition. The most glorious 42 km in the world. The far-flung, popular annual appointment has been lost only twice: in 2012, due to fears of the arrival of Hurricane Sandy and the Kovid-19 pandemic that blocked the world twelve months ago. Today he is recovering, but still needs to deal with the cursed virus: when he traditionally leaves the Verasano Bridge on Staten Island now, there will be about 33,000 people, divided into five waves, all with vaccination or one spray. The last 48 hours. Finally, in 2019, there were 54,205 starters, reaching 53,640 at the finish in Manhattan in Central Park (after 52,811 in 2018), which was not so much in the history of marathons.


In addition to the British and Irish countries, which will take effect from March 2020, the ban on entry into the United States for tourism reasons by citizens of twenty-six countries in the Shenzhen area will be removed this year. Exactly … tomorrow. The decision was announced before October 15. Even for the approximately 1700 Italian amateurs who have already registered (1300 fewer than the participants in the then canceled 2000 edition, 1800 fewer than the 2009 record) is a joke. Districts: Since 1976, the year of the bicentennial celebrations of independence, the road has expanded through Brooklyn, the Queen and the Bronx. Today, there are no more than a hundred tricolor partners between residents and (fewer) guests. For those who are excluded, in addition to humiliation, harm. This is because at present there is no way to get a full refund for the registration of a foreigner, including various charges and taxes (although it does not officially exceed 310): either it is confirmed as ‘now’. You will not receive more than 50% of the enrollment or expense by 2022 with unchanged terms. For those who can, considering the difficulties of getting a bib (which is almost impossible without relying on the agency), the first theory is recommended.

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Today the city is left to celebrate. A ceremonial return awaits. Like a typical first Sunday in November. The marathon, the first entry of women since its inception (the legendary Norwegian Great Weights would have won nine times between 1978 and 1988) would have been another hurdle. Spectators will be asked to maintain a safety distance and all side activities will not proceed as planned. However, in the race, there will be champions of other sports and various celebrities. The song is sung by actress Kelly O’Hara, who will then be among the participants. But the important thing is that New York, with all its solidarity initiatives, will be attacked again by thousands of people: less than sixty, as it has not happened in twenty – one months, with the same symbolic meaning and similar emotional significance. Days later, the September 11, 2001 attacks. With respect to the 16,000 visitors from 108 countries who completed the virtual test last year, it’s another.

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