New women’s speed record in Kilimanjaro for Vanessa Morales

New women's speed record in Kilimanjaro for Vanessa Morales

Never two without three. After 9 days of experimentation and two failed attempts, the French Vanessa Morales finally overtook Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), reaching an altitude of 5,895 meters. Completing a round trip in 11 hours and 33 minutes (45 km and 8,520 m altitude): 30 pm), has been conducted by Danish Christina Shoe Madsen since 2018.

After the last two failed attempts at “Western Breach” on one of the most difficult routes, Morales decided to take another “Mweka” to the top. “ Of course, this is not the time I expect so much in the West! But he is there! Finally a French stop watch in Kili! “, She is happy on her social networks.

In 2019, the French woman has already surpassed the record set by “Western Breach” in 9 hours 58 minutes 49 seconds. But this time it was not approved because the trial runner had to pause to help one of her guides. However, on August 13, she returned to Tanzania.

This time, Vanessa Morales organized differently: ” One of the guides did the first part of the race with me and the other two posted at 4600 meters from the day before to take charge. The last bird was only two days before this race, and I was very tired, but after the day I quickly forgot about it because I felt like I was going crazy.

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