New voice command found for Tesla cars

New voice command found for Tesla cars

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Tesla hides Easter eggs in its car software. One recently discovered Tesla offers drivers an unusual way to access their vehicle charging ports. berihtht Teslarati.

Accordingly, the charging connection of a Tesla is opened using the voice command “Open Battle” (“Open R *** Hole”).

It was discovered by a Tesla lover @teslamasterWho shared this on Twitter:

Many Tesla drivers have tested the voice command. Some continued testing and found that the charging port could be closed again using the voice command “Close Battle”.

But not everyone has opened the charging port after voice command. For some, the rear of their vehicles were opened instead.

This is not the first Easter egg with voice commands used on Tesla vehicles. Users have previously found that vehicle seat heaters can be activated with the words “my balls are cool”. Teslarati also says that air conditioning should respond to voice commands. It can be turned on and off with “Enable / Disable Life Support”.

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