New venture: Provides lid period products to those in need in Ireland

New venture: Provides lid period products to those in need in Ireland

Vouchers through the app
Lid offers periodical generic products in Ireland to those in need

Discounter Lid launches new venture in Ireland: People with financial problems can genuinely receive period products at branches once a month. Related vouchers are available through the app.

Period products are indispensable for menopausal people, but they also represent a cost factor. Being able to afford ancillary products is certainly not a problem, especially for people with limited financial means. State support is also low. In Germany, only last year – when Neon filed a petition in the German Bundestag – reduced the value-added tax on these goods from 19 per cent to 7 per cent.

In Ireland, the German discounter Lid recognized this problem. The company is part of an initiative aimed at helping menopausal women with financial problems. These people can now receive vouchers for period products through an app, and from May they will be able to generously pick up pads and tampons at 168 Lidl branches across the country. Lid is the first major retailer in the world to offer this service, according to a company statement.

Lid period products are donated for the homeless

Lid said half of young women between the ages of 12 and 19 in Ireland have problems delivering period products. Ten percent of the women surveyed in this study had low levels of high hygiene products.

LID OFFER was created in collaboration with non-profit organizations that support the homeless, including the “Homeless Period Ireland” initiative, which aims to give homeless people access to period products. Lid has promised to send tampons and sanitary towels regularly to the organization. People who do not have a smartphone and cannot get vouchers through the app should also benefit from the campaign.

Swell: RTE / Lid Ireland


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