New update on ‘Last seen’ on WhatsApp; For many, the tension will be less

New update on 'Last seen' on WhatsApp;  For many, the tension will be less
Mumbai, November 14: WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app that always brings new features (Whatsapp features) for the users. All the features of this application are very useful for the users. But its ‘Last Scene’ feature sometimes causes people problems. Especially when you do not want to send a message to anyone. The app has the option to turn Blue Tick and Last Scene on or off, but this is very limited. Now in the latest update, WhatsApp is ready to bring a new privacy option (WhatsApp Privacy Option) that allows users to decide who can see their last view and not. This means that users can hide their final scenes from some. The beta version has this feature. Lost Scene is a very useful feature that shows when the user is finally online. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. So there are misconceptions. WABetaInfo shared information about this new feature and a screenshot, in which you can see how this feature looks on the Android app.

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Currently, if users want to hide what they last saw, they need to go to Settings and then to Account. From there go to Privacy and then here is the option of Last Scene.

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The fourth option app can be found in Privacy

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Here users see three options, All, My Contacts, None. Users will receive ‘My Contact Except Later’ after the latest update. This fourth option in WhatsApp will allow users to hide the last view from selected contacts. This option is similar to setting up for profile photos.

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