New traffic camera record: A driver has already been fined 755,000 dinars

New traffic camera record: A driver has already been fined 755,000 dinars

We have long wondered what all video surveillance cameras are recording, deployed at almost every major intersection in Belgrade and other cities in Serbia, on the national highway and at all border crossings.

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Drivers are more interested in whether the police will use it to detect traffic violations.

Yes, they definitely want to, it’s already doing a lot, it’s already convinced by many, so we give you an overview of the specific violations revealed in this way.

How do cameras capture unregistered vehicles?

To improve the video surveillance system and the safety of citizens, Huawei has installed all new cameras and software for identifying vehicle license plates for the Ministry of the Interior and local governments.

When a vehicle passes through a camera, it scans and reads the number, and special software compares it to what it calls a “blacklist”, which contains a list of all expired vehicles with registration stickers taken from the police database. When there is an intersection or coincidence of license plates, such vehicle is automatically disassembled. Then, the operator checks the data again and prints a call with a photo, which shows that the unregistered vehicle is participating in the traffic.

In addition, an erroneous order is sent to the owner of the registered vehicle, which pays only half of the fine within 8 days. That way, practically no traffic police members will be able to spot unidentified motorists passing by at least once at an intersection covered by cameras, without engaging the streets.

One driver paid – 755,000 dinars!

Police confirmed to the Telegraph that more than 20,000 people have already been identified as violators of the Road Traffic Safety Act. They participated in traffic with unregistered and uninsured vehicles, for which they had already been fined.

Some drivers were fined only 5,000 dinars because their registration sticker expired within 30 days, while others were fined more than 30 days after the expiration of 10,000 dinars.

These final cameras were recorded several times in different locations, each recording made the other day being considered evidence of a violation and submitted to a competent court with a request to initiate incorrect proceedings. Now, the record is held by a Smederevo resident who issued 84 false warrants because he was filmed driving an unregistered car on 84 different days in four months, so he eventually had to pay 755,000 dinars.

In Strike and Forgotten Drivers

In addition to driving unregistered cars, police can easily find vehicle owners whose registration has expired for more than 60 days and whose license plates have not been returned to a qualified police station required by law on traffic safety.

This is a step that is implemented thanks to the simple search information technology of the database of all registered vehicles. That way, tens of thousands of drivers have been found so far, fined between 10,000 and 20,000 dinars, depending on how well a qualified erroneous court judge has determined.

What else can all cameras see?

All new cameras have the ability to record drivers, so theoretically those who use mobile phones or other communication devices while driving without a “hands-free” device may or may not use seat belts. However, it is essential that the recordings be monitored regularly or intermittently and that police officers be included in the video surveillance centers, so the Interior Ministry says they are not planning it yet.

Additionally, cameras can measure current velocity based on the position of the vehicle and the time the pictures were taken, but such a measurement method is not provided by our rules.


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