New to Netflix: The grand finale of the funniest series of recent years – Series News

New to Netflix: The grand finale of the funniest series of recent years - Series News

Are you looking for a really cool series on Netflix? Then check out Derry Girls. From October 7, 2022, the third and final season of the British comedy series will also be available there. It’s worth watching!

Those living in the United Kingdom and/or Ireland were able to enjoy this in April 2022, and now we can do the same in Germany and the rest of the world: The third and final season is available from October 7, 2022.Derry Girls‘ is available to download on Netflix – it’s nothing less than the funniest series in recent yearsAs the author of these lines discovers.

“Derry Girls” is brilliantly written, very funny and always surprisingly emotional, but unfortunately completely unknown in this country. All you have to do is look around on sites like FILMSTARTS or our sister site MoviePilot, where the series flies completely under the users’ radar.

It’s time for that to change, and season three is the perfect opportunity to do so. Because the fact that there were only the first two seasons in Germany so far was only a small drop of bitterness – after all, it’s always annoying that you can’t watch a newly discovered series from start to finish. But now this problem is also solved.

Now you don’t have to fear that you’ll have to fight your way through ten seasons of over 20 episodes each: With three seasons totaling 19 episodes, each lasting 20 to 25 minutes, “Derry Girls” ended too quickly (one might say: too soon). (Only the last episode is longer).

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This is Derry Girls

Developed by writer/producer Lisa McGee for British broadcaster Channel 4, Derry Girls is based on the series creator’s childhood and youth in 1990s Northern Ireland. At that time, the country was shaped by the conflict that broke out again and again between the Catholics and the Protestant part of the population, so “Derry Girls” is set against the background of the so-called conflict in Northern Ireland.

The focus is not on politics (even if that always plays a role), but on the lives of five young people: the supposedly intellectual Erin (Savoir-Monica Jackson), her scheming cousin Orla (Louisa Harland), the slightly hysterical Claire (Nicola Coughlan, who, as an Englishman, doesn’t go easy on the Northern Irish), Cheeky Michelle (Jamie-Leigh O’Donnell) and James (Dylan Llewellyn).

Together, the “Derry Girls” experience all sorts of wacky adventures in perfect sitcom fashion, lurching from one blunder to the next. What exactly awaits you in it, and why the series is so interesting and clever, you can find out in this article:

Netflix has the funniest series of the past few years — the ones you’ve never heard of!

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