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Netflix sur un téléviseur

Netflix Introduced two new features in its Android app. They will not revolutionize this segment, but they should still be interested in subscribers to the service.

Netflix is ​​like good wine, it’s getting better over time, so its publisher has become accustomed to adding new functionality to the device from time to time. These are the two new features coming to Android.

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Two new products, more precisely fast laugh and play something.

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Fast laughs, Netflix style tick tock

The first of these new features will take the form of a new tab at the bottom of the window. Going over it, you will see a video series with a presentation similar to that of Tic Tac Toe.

However, excluding personal publications, this section only brings short clips related to movies, series, and cartoons that are broadcast on the platform. Clips that you can share on your social networks to share with your friends.

However, note that this function is still deployed. As a first step, Netflix also chose to focus on certain markets. More precisely about the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, India or Malaysia or the United Kingdom.

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Play something to discover new content

So we have to wait a little longer before enjoying in France.

The second innovation is now available, which takes the form of a button hanging at the bottom right of the screen. A simple press on the platform is enough to launch a randomly selected program.

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No doubt you understand this, but the idea behind these two new features is mainly to offer subscribers another level of reading. Also, encourage them to take an interest in content that they do not need to look at anything else.

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