New secrets about the Apple Watch

New secrets about the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has a variety of features and functions, but most of these functions are hidden behind several options to activate them.

You can also use shortcuts on the Apple Watch, so you can access these functions a little faster than usual.

These shortcuts are based on the existing functions of the watch and you need to activate the shortcut before you can start using it.

Apple Watch

Quickly turn on silent mode

Voice alerts are useful in many situations, but they can be annoying if you are in a meeting and forget to put the watch in silent mode.

You can switch the watch directly to Silent Mode without pressing any buttons and just cover it with your hand.

You can activate this feature by going to the Watch app on your phone and selecting Sound and Vibration to enable the option to cover the watch and switch it to Silent mode.

When you enable this option, you can switch the watch to silent mode at any time by hiding the watch face.

Wake up the clock inside the app you last used

Apple Watch has many different and different applications that you can use to get more functions, read messages and socialize.

But when you put the watch to sleep or leave it unused for a few minutes, the app will automatically close and you will have to open it again.

You can activate the wake-up option directly on the app you used without having to open the watch directly.

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You can activate this option by following these steps:

Go to Clock Settings and then General Settings.
After that, go to select Wake Up Clock.
In this section you will find an option to automatically wake the watch in the last used app, whether it is the last two minutes or the last hour, you can control how long you use the app.

Apple Watch uses default responses

You can set a set of default responses to different messages, and then easily select the response you want via Watch.

You can use this shortcut to respond quickly to messages or to avoid typing and using the entire screen.

To activate this feature, you must follow these steps:

Go to the Apple Watch app on your phone and then select the Messages section.
In the Messages section, you will find a selection of default responses. To control the default responses through the Apple Watch, click on it and add as you wish.

When you open the Messages app and choose to reply to the message, the default answers will appear directly in front of you.

How To Use Sleep Mode On Apple Watch

The Apple Watch can track a lot of information about how you sleep, thus helping you sleep more comfortably.

But not all users may want to track their sleep through the watch, and you can turn it into a small alarm that shows you the time and the suggested waking time.

You can do this by placing the watch on its side instead of resting it on the screen or at the back of the screen.

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You can use the new focus modes on the watch to link this mode to the iPhone, so the phone also goes into silent mode.

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