New scientific studies claim that the Irish ancestors were black with blue eyes

New scientific studies claim that the Irish ancestors were black with blue eyes

A New Documentary You may have thought about the Irish people. The second, entitled “The Baron: Heart of Stone”, was inhabited by people in Ireland about 10,000 years ago who were not white, but had black hair and blue eyes. Reported.

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The scientists who worked on the case used technology commonly used in criminal investigations to explore Ireland’s past as accurately as possible and to discover stunning new details. For good reason, they claim to have discovered that black Irish lived on the island off the coast of Baron for 4,000 years before replacing farmers for 4,000 years. They would collect shells and evidence and hunt wild boar in a scenic area of ​​rock formations, caves, and mountains.

The geneticist said that during this time he played an important role in establishing the people who settled in Ireland. Lara Cassidy revealed “We know the Irish genetic heritage of today. “ It is clear that she is not the only one who has come to this amazing conclusion. In 2018, geneticists at University College London and the Museum of Natural History announced the existence of a “cheddar man” (a Mesolithic skeleton, note found in a cave in 1903). “Black or black skin Blue eyes and curly hair », As reported by the Irish Post.

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Extensive DNA analysis made this discovery in the former Irish

Scientists quickly discovered DNA collected directly from the skeleton by hand and skull bone dust, much later than many white Europeans had previously thought. Research indicates that between 30,000 and 40,000 people lived on the island of Ireland during the period when dark skin was common in this part of the world.

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“We think the ancient Irish population was similar to that of the Cheddar man” Professor of Population Genetics at Trinity College, Dublin. Dan Bradley said. He added: “The most beautiful skin in Ireland is the one that has survived thousands of years in the scorching sun. This is due to the need to synthesize vitamin D in the skin. It took thousands of years to get to where it is today. “

Isn’t that amazing?

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