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New Ryanair routes with Perugia and Stockholm

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BRINDISI – A total of twenty-three routes, including new entries to Perugia and Stockholm, and an additional aircraft representing an investment of 100 100 million. At a press conference today (Wednesday, December 1) morning (December 1), Ryanair focuses on Brindisi Airport with a comprehensive action plan for the summer of 2022, presented at a press conference attended by Antonio Maria Vasili, Sales, Marketing and International Commissar. Marco Catamerò, Vice President, Adp General Manager, Airporti di Puglia; Ryanair’s summer operations in Brindisi in 2022 will include: 2 based aircraft and a total investment of $ 200 million (plus 1 based aircraft and $ 100 million investment); 60 direct jobs: more than 130 departing flights per week; Total 23 routes – 2 new – Perugia and Stockholm.

Ryanair is spearheading the recovery of traffic in Europe as it is expected to contribute to rapid growth in traffic and employment over the next 5 years. After adding 560 new routes and opening 15 bases in the last 12 months, Ryanair is now looking forward to the summer of 2022, and 65 new B737-8200 “Gamechanger” aircraft are offering 4% seats. In addition, they use 16%. It guarantees low fuel and 40% reduction in noise emissions, making next summer’s the most sustainable and environmentally friendly operation to date.

With more than 20 routes to choose from in Brindisi, customers traveling to exciting destinations such as Paris, Palermo, London, Vienna and new destinations such as Perugia and Stockholm can book a decent vacation. To celebrate its biggest summer operation, the website has just started selling seats priced at just € 29.99, which must be booked by Friday, December 3rd.

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“We are just happy,” he declared Chiara Ravera – To begin our all-time great summer operation in Brindisi, which offers connectivity on more than 23 routes and more than 130 weekly flights, including two new routes to Perugia and Stockholm. The additional aircraft – $ 100 million investment – will not only revive the Italian economy by driving tourism, but will also create another 30 direct jobs in the region. Efficient operations and competitive airport rates provide Ryanair with the foundation to provide long-term traffic growth and greater connectivity.

“We have worked closely with the Aeroporti de Puglia team – Chiara Ravara continues – to ensure this growth and improve the services of those who live and work in the area and those who wish to visit. At a time when other airlines are cutting their staff, we are happy to invest more in our staff and at airports across Europe. To celebrate, we have launched an offer that starts at just € 29.99 for the trip until the end of October 2022, which must be booked by midnight on Friday, December 3rd. As these incredibly low rates are rapidly increasing, we encourage customers to log on to so as not to miss the opportunity.

“The announcement of the second Brindisi-based aircraft,” he said Antonio Maria Vasili – A testament to the Irish carrier’s strong interest in the Apulian region. Tourism, the attractive and motivating sector of our economy, has once again been confirmed as the basic lever of strategic choices made by Ryan Air and Aeroporti de Puglia, which our management shares with the majority shareholders, the Puglia region and the Apulia Promotion Tourism Agency. The second Brindisi-based aircraft represents the extraordinary potential for developing an area that, thanks to its culture, nature, food, wine and history, has become an internationally recognized brand in connection with Puglia’s extraordinary ability to deal with the epidemic crisis.

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“Puglia is a welcoming country, a strong point of attraction for our region, which allows for the expansion of our airport network into a national and international network with a system perspective. Ryanair’s election is a sign of a recovery in aviation that has plagued the Pandemic for two years – concluded Vasily. ”

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