New research: A time-reversing mirror universe existed before the Big Bang | CPT Symmetry | Neutrino | Majorana particle

New research: A time-reversing mirror universe existed before the Big Bang |  CPT Symmetry |  Neutrino |  Majorana particle

[ദ എപോക്ക് ടൈംസ്, മാർച്ച് 29, 2022](Reported by The Epoch Times Reporter de Rui) New study suggestsThe big bangThere was a universe in which time passed in reverse. This theory can be used to explain what dark matter is and the problem of instantaneous inflation mentioned in the Big Bang theory.

According to live science, physicists have found that the universe is basically characterized by three symmetries. They are charge symmetry, i.e., when the charges of the interacting particles are transferred, the result of the reaction process is the same; Parity, i.e., the reflective version of a reaction process, is similar; Time symmetry, i.e., when an interaction process is executed at opposite times, looks similar. These three symmetries are collectively called cosmic.CPT symmetry.

A study published in the preprint network arXiv on January 22 suggested that this law applies not only to matter in the universe, but to the entire universe. This means that the whole universe has a symmetrical version of it. The study was accepted for publication in the journal Annals of Physics.

According to this theory, the study claims that many interesting results can emerge, which can provide answers to many difficult problems that are currently unanswerable.

First, thisCPT symmetryThe universe will expand naturally and fill its own world with particles, no longer neededThe big bangThe “inflation” phase as suggested by the theory. This phase is the production of various elementary particles in the universe, as stated in the Big Bang theory. This is a relatively rough part of the Big Bang theory, and has many problems.

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Second, under this theory, the existing universe must have one moreNeutrino. Scientists now believe that neutrinos have three taste states: the electron, the muon, and the tau (tau). Strange to say, all neutrinos are left-handed. Here the chirality is divided by the relationship between the direction of rotation of the neutrino and its direction of motion. Other particles in this universe have different chirality characteristics on the left and right, so physicists wondered why they could not see right-handed neutrinos.

CPT Symmetry believes that the universe theory has a right handNeutrinoIts characteristics make it invisible to current physical experiments, and it only interacts with other objects in the universe by gravity.

It’s like the properties of dark matter that physicists are looking for. Scientists speculate from existing theories that there is a lot of dark matter in the universe, but so far no experiments have been found to search for dark matter.

According to the study, according to the CPT symmetry universe theory, the current universe must have a large number of right-handed neutrinos. In other words, this theory suggests that the dark matter is right-handed and that the fourth taste is composed of neutrinos.

Of course, scientists can not find it nowCome back on timeSymmetry universe – because it existed before the Big Bang. But researchers can prove or disprove the theory with a few experiments. Once this theory is confirmed, it will be very important for the exploration of the existing universe.

First, this theory states that all the neutrinos in the three known tastes must be majorana particles.Major particlesThe biggest feature is that the particles are both positive and negative. It differs from ordinary matter particles, such as electrons, in that their antiparticles are positrons. Scientists do not yet know whether neutrinos have this property of majorana particles.

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Furthermore, they predicted that the neutrinos in one of the taste states would be massless. Scientists have found that the mass of neutrinos is very small, but they still have mass. If the mass of neutrinos can be measured in the future and the neutrinos in all three flavor states are found to have mass, then this theory of the CPT symmetry universe will not exist.

Finally, as mentioned above, this theory claims that there is no so-called “inflation” phase after the Big Bang and that there are naturally particles in the universe. This can also be checked. The Big Bang theory says that the inflation phase has emitted large amounts of gravitational waves, which is another area that scientists are currently exploring. If the CPT symmetry universe is correct, then there are no gravitational waves from the early universe. If scientists could not detect gravitational waves from the primitive universe, that would be another indication of a CPT-symmetry universe. ◇ #

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