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Today we won’t discuss reality shows in a negative light. We live in a time when everyone can do what they want and don’t be afraid of what people think. If you love reality television, you shouldn’t deny yourself the pleasure of watching it after a hard day at work or college. People love TV reality shows because they distract themselves from their lives and delve into the events in other people’s lives. Science can easily explain why we adore such TV shows. People are usually portrayed the way they seem familiar to us, and it’s not surprising that we recognize ourselves in them. It’s psychology and those TV addicts who know it can easily explain their dependence on TV.

Do it in the form of an essay or any other paper to explain this topic to someone else. If you’re studying in college, writing a text shouldn’t be a problem for you. Anyway, cause effect essay writing service is ready to provide professional assistance with custom assignments. If you prefer to stay at home and watch something on TV, you’ve opened the right page because here we’ll present some interesting TV shows that are already released or will be released soon. No matter what your preferences are in reality shows, we’ll share a one-size-fits-all compilation of different series, so we are sure you’ll find the one you like here.

    1. The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Season 11

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is a really old TV show because its first season started in 2009. It’s aired on Bravo TV, but you also can watch it online if it’s more convenient. We ask you not to pay attention to the overall IMDb rating of RHONJ that’s 4.0 out of 10. Most of the series of Season 11 are rated high enough 7-8 out of 10. We know that rating means nothing to people who truly adore reality series, but we just decided to mention it and prevent you from ignoring cool TV series to watch. If you have never seen it, it’s better to start with the first season; otherwise, you won’t understand the main heroes, their problems, and their nature. The cast mainly consists of actors featured in previous seasons. Watch RHONJ, and these 42 minutes will be the happiest time of your day. 

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    2. Marriage or Mortgage

If you enjoy watching something on Netflix, you probably heard something about this reality show because it’s aired on Netflix only. We used to think that all TV shows are fake, but the creators stated that Marriage or Mortgage is unscripted and couples are real. It’s amazing if it’s true. The point of this show is to give young couples a choice between organizing a stunning wedding or purchasing the house of their dreams. Realtors and wedding planners do their best to get a couple on each other’s side. Marriage or Mortgage shows many young couples who are college students and think about their future. You can watch this show with your sweetheart. Perhaps it will even help you imagine yourself in such a situation and decide what you would do with your money. If you’re young enough, we advise you to focus on studying in college and spend money on online coursework writing help. It’s better to cope with all problems in studying, submit all papers, and then start to think of other plans. Save this list of marketing research topics and use them when necessary. 

    3. Love Island, Season 3

The idea of this reality show isn’t new, and you’ve probably seen similar shows produced in other countries. The American Love Island reality series is based mainly on the British version and was released in 2018. The audience saw the second season in 2019, and this year, we can enjoy the third season of Love Island. This season is worth watching, at least because it was filmed in Hawaii. In general, dating reality series always attract enough attention, especially from young people. Participants will live isolated from other worlds in a villa. If they want to survive, they need to form couples. Those who win get $100,000. Staying single means being dumped and losing all chances to get a monetary reward. People in Love Island couple because of love, friendship, or the desire to survive. 

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    4. Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Season 20

2021 is disappointing for many Kardashian-Jenner’s family fans. Unfortunately, the 20th season released in March 2021, was announced as the last in TV shows’ history. It’s difficult enough to realize that we’ll no longer see this fun family and won’t live through the most difficult stages of life together. KUWTK is one of the longest-running reality series on TV — the overall number of episodes is 210. Kim got divorced from Kanye, and it’s what makes Season 20 especially interesting for new and old fans of this family. Critics don’t appraise this show due to the focus on fame and the fabrication of some cases and events. However, it still doesn’t prevent people from enjoying KUWTK in their free time.

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