New Oberaargauer Zeitung – Church concerts by MG Niedergösgen

New Oberaargauer Zeitung - Church concerts by MG Niedergösgen

08.12.2021 00:00

The long-awaited time has come again: the Niedergosgen Music Society (MGN), led by Christophe Oshger, invites interested parties to two traditional church concerts on the weekends of December 11 and 12 at Niedergosgan Castle Church. .

Needergosgen The Niedergosgen Music Society concert begins with the celebration of the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul as “The Olympic Spirit”. After this opening piece, Mario Burke’s “Bocherini? S Melody” and setting “Der Magnetberg” tell the story of the legendary mountain. This is followed by “Ludwig!” James L. Written by Jose. The composer was inspired by Ludwig van Beethoven. Along with Marcus Gotze’s “May the Road Rise”, the music community will perform a solo piece for the flute, which features a sensitive Irish folk melody. At the end of the concert, MGN spreads winter swing-style sounds with the familiar “Frostio? Swinging Snowman” to most audiences. This is followed by “Crimson Tide” with Hans Zimmer’s best score track. The audience traditionally bids farewell to Castle Church with “Silent Night, Holy Night”. A certificate is required at this time.
Miriam Frecker

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