New money to replace jockeys and solar panels 12 million dinars subsidy for Kula citizens

New money to replace jockeys and solar panels 12 million dinars subsidy for Kula citizens

Citizens of Kula Municipality who want to actively renovate family houses and apartments with the help of subsidies still have time to apply for public invitation.

Woodworking creditPhoto: Tanjug, Jaroslav Pope, Vesna Lalik, Branko Janakovic / Ras Serbia

Woodworking credit

Last year, Kula Municipality participated in a pilot project for the energy rehabilitation of family homes and apartments. On that occasion, 29 families received subsidies for new gas boilers and 55 families received new PVC joinery. A new public call for energy rehabilitation subsidies for family homes and apartments has already been announced, with an allocation of 12 million dinars.

In addition to last year’s subsidies for woodworking and boiler replacement, the novelty is that it now subsidizes facades and solar panels.

– Following the approved rulebook, a public call for businesses and a public call for citizens will be announced by the end of April. The terms of the competition and all the required documentation submitted by companies and citizens will be published on our municipality’s website, in the media, newspapers and on local television – says Susana Music, Energy Manager at the Municipal Administration for the Portal. Vojvodina Live.

Replacing individual fireboxes also begins

In addition, there is a general call for the replacement of individual fireboxes. For these purposes, 5 million dinars has been set aside for subsidies for natural gas and biomass boilers, and the Ministry of Environmental Protection has already allocated substantial funds for the reconstruction of the boiler room of the House of Culture in Rusky Christchurch. The old gas boiler will be replaced with a new gas boiler. This will significantly reduce air pollution in populated areas, i.e. reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

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– As part of reducing air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions, I would like to mention the PPP project, which replaces decomposed fuel oil and coal boilers in the seventies and eighties in 10 schools and public institutions in our municipality with new additional energy. Efficient gas boilers before the start of the new heating season. This will reduce air pollution around schools – the music points out.

We should mention the reconstruction project of the fuel oil boiler room in the “Petefi Brigade” at the Elementary School in Kula and the replacement with a new phased gas boiler. The municipality received $ 10 million from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to replace 1056 lamps (old fluorescent tubes) with new LED panels and replace old LED lights in interior lighting with new LED lighting.

For the past few years, Kula Municipality has been paying special attention to environmental protection and the health of its fellow citizens, allocating funds from the budget and participating in competitions for ministries. It reduces CO2 emissions and the greenhouse effect and helps keep the tower clean, healthy and green.

Susanna Music urges citizens to take part in soon-to-be-announced competitions for subsidies so that their families can become more energy efficient and save energy so we can reduce environmental pollution.

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