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New memories and easy sharing

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Google The announcement About the many innovations to its photo app, Google Photos, that are expected to make their way to users on Android and iOS devices starting today.

Much of the innovation focuses on a feature of the application, “Memories,” which are actually short videos that Google Photos automatically creates after trips, family celebrations, and other events, recognizing that the company’s advanced artificial intelligence deserves a special mention.

In the updated app, memories get a new look. From now on, they’ll include more videos, and if they’re not taken live, Google will try to turn individual photos into videos, which the company calls “cinematic memory,” while adding depth and movement. And to individual photos. Another effect that appears on videos is the background, stickers and other graphic additions depending on the type of event identified by the artificial intelligence.

The memories themselves can be shared with others, a feature that didn’t exist until now, but for now only between Android devices – iOS users will only be able to share videos in a few weeks. Starting next month, Google will also add background music to some memory videos, which will be automatically selected based on the type of event and atmosphere.

The application also has a built-in collage editor, which allows you to display several images side by side in different settings. Some collage designs are available to all users, but most (more than 30) are exclusive to Google One package subscribers or owners of Pixel devices.

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