New imprisonment in the United Kingdom and Ireland: What are the consequences for Premiership and Pro14?

Nouveau confinement au Royaume-Uni et en Irlande : quelles conséquences pour la Premiership et Pro 14 ?

As we know, our Anglo-Saxon neighbors are now being attacked again by Kovid-19. To combat this new wave of the most contagious disease, various British and Celtic countries have once again stepped up their efforts.. As Boris Johnson declared in his speech, we think of England as confined to March again.Scotland Ireland is not escaping total control. In this case, the perpetual question comes to mind. Among these innumerable restrictions, which place is for professional sports and rugby? We remember a year ago, in a similar situation, we were forced to stop playing sports altogether.

Although good news These restrictions do not affect professional sports in England, Which, despite increasing figures, is approaching the documents, which made us think of a sad situation. So as is now the norm for all teams on the old continent, premiership can usually proceed with a strict health protocol. On the other hand, like France, amateur competitions will be discontinued just like Sky Sport relays. Ditto about Rugby Twelfth. The Super League will continue to exercise its rights, but will be forced to suspend other matches. TheScotland Accommodation in the same boat. Pro Sport will also be exempt from all restrictions, although it will remain in custody throughout January. Pro 14 continues as if nothing had happened, so we can say that despite this new crisis, European rugby will not be affected by these prisons. An important fact is that in a week’s time, we know that the European Cup is back in service. While this may seem intimidating for a while, the lights are now green for the match. So good news for all European rugby. It is to be hoped that a shifting wave will not affect this small clearing, as we pass through the gray.

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