New generation telecom launches large-scale testing of IPTV

New generation telecom launches large-scale testing of IPTV

Following in the footsteps of developers, technical staff members and its own employees, Magyar Telecom will include some subscribers in the testing of its new generation IPTV service. The company hopes to launch a larger screen launch of a new service based entirely on the Cloud-based MediaFirst platform, developed by Ericsson-Split MediaKind, which offers subscribers a more age-appropriate package.

As part of the final touches to be made before the commercial launch, the service provider recently contacted thousands of existing subscribers via email and invited them to comply with certain terms and test the new platform. An important factor in selecting and searching for customers is that they can only stay in certain districts and cities, so for the time being, in addition to some districts and parts of Budapest, there is only the possibility of a PEX test.

You can apply for the test in the dedicated interface of the service provider, where you can find detailed information about the system conditions and some capabilities. Thus, the test service is established with a fixed term contract (at least one, but not more than three months), during which the customer must pay HUF 2,000 per month for the “Test Super Family HD” tariff package, the channel offer of which is the commercial “IPTV Super Family HD 202009” tariff plan. As part of the test service, a natural channel called Love Nature will be made available to telecom users in 4K resolution for free.

As part of the test, the service provider will provide the customer with one, but not more than three, new generation 4K capable indoor units that control Android TV applications as described on the website, i.e. popular applications or clients YouTube, Spotify, Kodi, Plex, HBO GO / MAX, VLC or Vimeo.

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Telecom expects a maximum of one thousand users to enter the subscriber test, and the testers are expected to send regular feedback and contact the service provider by phone or e – mail. The final form and function offer of the telecom service will be developed based on the feedback received from the tester.

Incidentally, some components of the new system were already available by telecom last year, so Mediafirst is working behind the Telecom TV Geo platform, which was developed for small displays. The platform was launched at the launch last March In a background conversation It is not yet known whether Telecom will provide a new indoor unit for the new system, but it is now clear. According to preliminary plans, the change in the platform will be gradual, so the replacement of the existing 1.3 million previous generation set-top boxes with the existing 900,000 IPTV subscribers will take place in several stages.

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