New format, new challenge, new partner: Srdjan Predojevic on his own show ‌ New Pink Channel! She will be with him in front of the cameras! (Photo + Video)

New format, new challenge, new partner: Srdjan Predojevic on his own show ‌ New Pink Channel!  She will be with him in front of the cameras!  (Photo + Video)

After a gap of three years, Pink’s team is back!

After a lot of ulation deals, TV Pink, To mutual satisfaction, it declares Srdjan Predojevic Part of the most watched commercial television team in Serbia. He has hosted morning shows for 16 years but he was very successful in it, this time Srdjan will try himself in a slightly different format – he still remains part of the newsroom.

Photo: RTV Pink / Jelena Simonovic

Namely, the owner and editor-in-chief of TV Pink Selco Mitrovic Announced at the end of 2020, the new one will be operational soon Pink Info Channel, “News”In addition to being one of the channel’s editors-in-chief, Surgeon Predojevic will also host a show with an author’s stamp. Through his show, Predojevic, along with four expert interlocutors, will cover a current topic with the participation of viewers through social networks.

However, Srdjan will not be alone on this show – his assistant will become popular through this author’s show Sarah Stankovich. So, on the channel soon “News” You will see Srdjan Predojevic in the new format, and with a new partner in front of the camera.

Photo: RTV Pink / Jelena Simonovic

In addition to Srdjan Predojevic, she also joined the editorial team Dusica spasmic, An experienced TV news presenter. In addition to actively participating in the editorial work, Dusica will host an afternoon collage show covering all important political, social, economic, social and other topics, and will lead viewers through a very interesting quiz that airs on the channel. “News”.

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Photo: RTV Pink / Jelena Simonovic

In 2019, the Celco Mitrovic news program is set to become one of the most important pillars, and Srdjan and Dušica represent a significant strengthening of the region’s most-watched commercial television information team. Channel “News”, They will both edit and run their own shows, which will be completely different from everything currently on offer.

Photo: Photo / Jelena Simonovic

Seljo predicts that he will do so, without false modesty “News” Become the best information channel in the field, and considering their many years of experience in information formats, we believe that the engagement of Surgeon and Dusica will greatly help it.

We’re left to invite you to the new one Pinkov The “news” channel will be your choice – because a new era of information is beginning!

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