New features of Google Maps have been quietly launched! Know which day of the month is the busiest and run the longest in a click-free News 3C technology

New features of Google Maps have been quietly launched! Know which day of the month is the busiest and run the longest in a click-free News 3C technology

The mobile version of the “Google Maps” app has a new “in-depth analysis” function that automatically compiles and organizes your monthly location record information and selected reviews. (Photo / Midland)

Google Maps has built-in practical, convenient navigation and advanced functions. In addition to providing real-time traffic congestion, public MRT shuttle time and other information in real time, with the “Timeline” Record Trip function, you can always review historical footprints, including the following: Which mode of transportation took, how long, and which restaurants or restaurants? Visited, visited any countries and cities abroad.

Now, Google goes further with the data and information used by Google Maps to find users, and after an “in-depth analysis” of the AI, it gives you records of footsteps, total hours, total distance, etc., so you know each month the total distance in kilometers covered by walking, driving, kilometers covered And can be seen at a glance with a simple statistic chart and will automatically help youSelectedIn hindsight, tell me which is the busiest journey and the longest driving time for you.

According to the reporter’s real test, using the Google Pixel 4 mobile phone as an example, after updating to the latest version of “Google Maps” 10.5.1, the built-in timeline record has a new “In-depth Analysis” function that allows you to quickly select and review historical information every month.

Foreign media reportsAndroid PoliceIt is reported that Google Maps’ built-in “Your Timeline” function recently added a function called “In-Depth Analysis”. After you click the function button, you will see the data collected based on your trip. The data allows you to analyze the total number of hours and total kilometers used by vehicles in the current month (you can click on the change date between different months), including: walking, driving, motorcycling, taking a flight, etc.

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Additionally, it’s a list of store location information you’ve visited during the month, based on visit records. In addition to your name and address, it’s telling you how many times you’ve been there and how long, including restaurants, supermarkets, beaches, and other attractions.

Additionally, below, it displays the focus of the “Selected Review”, which automatically lists the busiest travel schedule on a particular day of the month, including the following: All places visited during the day, which will help you find the longest driving time of the month. Draw your round-trip route on the date and map so you can clearly see how far you ran that day.

This “in-depth analysis” began to release updates for users of the map record information activity batches. After updating the “Google Maps” app to the latest version 10.75.1, Reporter tested the Google Pixel 4 mobile phone for example, you can experience these new steps memory functionality.

The action path is: Open the Google Maps app, click on a private photo, and then click on “Your Timeline” in the displayed menu interface to see the newly added “In-Depth Analysis” tab. If this option does not appear for the time being, you may have to wait a while.

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