New ESO Mathematics: “Learn Socio-Impact Skills to Develop Immunity”

New ESO Mathematics: "Learn Socio-Impact Skills to Develop Immunity"

New mathematics approved by the government Pedro Sanchez ESO includes studySocio-influential skillsThus students can “enhance their general well-being, Build immunity And thrive as math students.

The Royal Decree 217/2022The March 29, issue of Didacautics’ research, which establishes the organization of compulsory secondary education and minimum teaching, points out that “performance in mathematics improves”. Question prejudices And expands them Good feelings To mathematics.

For this reason, he adds, “Skills of socially impactful skills such as recognizing and controlling emotions, facing challenges, maintaining motivation and perseverance, and developing self-concept will enhance and build students’ general well-being and resilience as a mathematics student.”

According to the Royal Decree, this sense of social impact “integrates the knowledge, skills and attitudes to understand and control emotions, set goals and achieve, and enhance the ability to make responsible and informed decisions.”

Aiming at all this, the new ESO curriculum for mathematics continues, “to improve student performance in mathematics, Negative attitudes towards them have diminishedAnd the promotion of active learning Elimination of prejudiced ideas related to gender Or the myth of the inevitable innate ability.

It establishes that it is possible to “develop strategies such as making students aware” to achieve these goals. The role of women in mathematics Throughout history, Normalize the error As part of the study, promote equal conversations and non-competitive activities in the classroom.

In addition, the document states that “solving mathematical problems – or more global challenges involving mathematics – should be a rewarding job.”

He added before emphasizing that “emotional skills within the study of mathematics promote students’ well-being, emotional control and interest in their learning”, and “the development of this ability includes identifying and controlling emotions, identifying sources of stress, and showing persistence”. Think critically and positively, improve immunity and maintain an active attitude towards new mathematical challenges.

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Another thing that is included in the new curriculum is “work on the values ​​of respect,” Equality Or peaceful resolution of conflicts, developing mathematical challenges, developing effective communication skills, planning, inquiry, motivation, and confidence in one’s possibilities, allowing students to normalize the conditions of coexistence in equality that creates relationships and a healthy work environment.

The development of this ability involves “showing” Compassion for others, Establish and maintain positive relationships, engage in active listening and engaging communication, work as a team, and make responsible decisions. Likewise, breaking stereotypes and preconceived notions about mathematics related to gender or belief in the existence of innate aptitude for mathematics are encouraged.


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