New Documentation Revealed: How Britney Spears Looks

New Documentation Revealed: How Britney Spears Looks

New documents revealed
This is how Britney Spears is observed

Former Britney Spears employees release new documentary “Managing Britney Spears”. They describe how they watched the pop star in parenting. This includes installing a bugging device in her bedroom.

“The New York Times Presents: Britney Spears Controls” is the title of a new documentary about the pop star, which is currently on US broadcaster FX and streaming service Hulu. In it, the “Hollywood Reporter” told people close to the singer how she was treated in discipline.

The film is a sequel to Framing Britney Spears. The documentary appeared earlier in the year. In the meantime, a lot has happened. Fighting for the end of her parenting career, Spears told the court in June how much she was suffering. The 39-year-old, who linked to the hearing via video, read from a statement prepared to give her an insight into her life as a parent. In it, she stated that, among other things, she changed her medication without her consent, was forced to perform and was not allowed to see a doctor to remove the IUD.

Safety medicine?

In controlling Britney Spears, former Britney Spears employees have stated that they are prohibited from talking about parenting. A former member of the security team now claims that, among other things, one of the duties of security is to deliver medicine to the Spears. The singer had to oversee it. “It really reminded me of someone in jail. Security basically gave them the power to put them in jail.”

It is said to have checked messages, calls, notes, photos and browser history from Britney Spears’ smartphone. The former security guard also alleged that a recorder had been placed in Spears’ bedroom.

Spears had told the court in 2019 that he had to go to a mental health center against his will. This must be confirmed in the new documentation. In addition, “Controlling Britney Spears” reveals that the men who played a role in the pop star’s life were examined and secret agreements were signed. Two of Spears’ closest confidants who were on tour with her stated that they “threw themselves out of the singer’s immediate environment” in controlling Britney Spears.

Will parenting end soon?

Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, has been in charge of the singer’s finances since 2008. After all, she is now fighting against his influence. According to US media reports, Jamie Spears filed a lawsuit in a Los Angeles court in early September. In it he speaks in favor of ending parenthood. In the document, Spears stated that her daughter’s circumstances “have changed so much that there are no grounds for maintaining parenthood.”

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