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Did you know that the best time to replace your boiler is during the summer? That’s because higher temperatures require less heat from other sources. You can comfortably go for 1-3 days without turning on the boiler.

Not to mention, engineers tend to have more time during summers as compared to winters. So, if you want to easily find the best heating engineer at a lower rate, check new boiler cost UK during summers.

How to Find The Right Boiler for Your Home?

Replacing an older boiler is important, but this does not mean you should pick any random boiler unit. Through this post, we have highlighted some tips that you must consider.

Decide the Right Type of Boiler

Choose the right type of boiler for your house. For this, you must consider the number of people living in the house and the demand for hot water. Below are some common boiler types:


Combi boilers are a common option in the UK as it is cost-effective. Also, it does not require any additional cylinders. So, if your house has limited space, you can consider getting this boiler.

It delivers instant hot water on demand. Depending on the output rating, this boiler can be used for homes with 1-2 bathrooms.


You can consider getting a system boiler if your home has more than two bathrooms. This type of boiler can easily fulfill the higher demand for hot water as they store hot water in a cylinder.


The regular boiler has an open-vent and is considered to be one of the oldest types of boilers. These boilers can be found in houses built in the 1960s and ’70s. This boiler also requires a cylinder and an expansion tank.

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Research the best Boiler Brands

After selecting the right type of boiler, the next step involves selecting the best boiler brand.

Choose the Right Size of Boiler

The boiler will struggle to meet the demand if the output rating is too low. And if the output is high, your electricity bill will shoot up unnecessarily.

Choose a Place for Your Boiler

Comparatively, modern boilers are flexible as they do not require much space. They offer you the freedom to choose any location for boiler installation.

Set Your Budget

When looking for boiler cost, you must set a budget and try not to exceed it. You can make quick decisions by eliminating distractive options with a set budget.

On average, the price of a new boiler depends on the manufacturer, boiler type, and output rating. Along with the boiler unit cost, you also have to consider the boiler installation cost, which is influenced by rates charged by the installer, time of year, installation difficulty, and location of the boiler.

Check the Warranty

Lastly, you need to check the warranty to be at peace of mind. If the length of the warranty is more, the cost of the boiler unit will increase.

Besides following the tips mentioned in this boilerguide, you can also contact a professional to get a realistic unit and installation quote.

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