Neville Presho and the secret that ruined his life

Neville Presho and the secret that ruined his life

In 1994, Neville Presho, a filmmaker and civil engineer from County County, Northern Ireland, was confronted with an image that would destroy his life in many ways: his summer residence overlooking the sea literally disappeared from its place.

After 8 years of not visiting her on Tory Island in Ireland, Presho received a letter informing her that a house had been damaged in a storm, but when he got there it was a very different story.

I saw a six inch plastic pipe extending from the ground. There were only big rocks within the range, ”he said in the documentary Disappeared house, Made by BBC Radio 4 Presented by Sioban McSweeney.

An issue that has ruined your life

(Source: BBC / Reproduction)

Presho began to ask the neighbors what had happened, and strangely, no one had said they had seen anything – this even weakened the mystery.

Some said the house was caught in a hurricane, others advised the owner not to ask, and some reported a strange glow in the sky.

“Sometimes he said people stopped believing in him, thinking a psychiatrist could have imagined it all,” said the documentary’s producer, Conor McKay.

So from that moment on, the show was never the same.

Neville Presho.  (Source: Heightzone / Playback)Neville Presho. (Source: Heightzone / Playback)

Soon, several internationally acclaimed documentaries made the highly respected filmmaker ill and seriously ill.

He took the case to court, but all he got was to hear that his house may have been “destroyed by fire”, although there was no evidence to back it up. However, it was as if people did not want to hide or conceal the truth from the owner.

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(Source: The Guardian / Reproduction)(Source: The Guardian / Reproduction)

According to Press ReaderPresho got the answer after meeting journalist Anton Maccabees in mid-2003 Irish Daily Star With a special story.

After years of searching, the most hypothetical theory emerged: Patrick Dohan, the hotel owner who demolished the house in an attempt to increase the hotel’s parking space, is suspected. This is the best answer Presho has received in years, and although there is no hard evidence to link Dohan to the facts, it seems convincing.

However, the judge ruled that Dohan may have had some involvement in the incident as there was a dubious gain in the incident. In 2009 alone, Preshow received $ 46,000 in damages for trespassing and interfering with property.

However, it was too late for the owner to have a devastating diagnosis about the mental illness that developed the crime and the divorce as a result of the fight for answers.

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