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Nevada woman involved in Bitcoin murder-hire conspiracy

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A Nevada woman is accused of being paid $ 5,000 by California prosecutors Bitcoin To hire a hitman on the dark web to kill her ex-husband.

The lawsuit was filed by Christine Lynn Felkins, 36, of Fallon Charge sheet Last week, Sacramento federal prosecutors said they were sending bitcoin to a Hitman website that had turned out to be a scam.

During a discussion with the website in 2016, prosecutors said the ex-husband had agreed to beat her while she was on her way to Chico, California.

A criminal complaint this month alleges the use of interstate commercial facilities at the Murder-Hire Commission.

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Federal investigators said they learned of the alleged plot last year.

The fake website was not identified in the complaint.

Court papers allege that Felkins was linked to the website through an account called KBGMKN.

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“How do I know you’re not the FBI, they have the ability to infect someone’s device and bring it back to their original IP,” KBGMKN wrote in an exchange, the complaint said. “Be careful.”

At another point, KBGMKN sent a message about the website hit.

“Work will be completed on Monday morning; if you go to work with any other person in the car, please let us know so you do not get hurt, you need to tell us,” the message said. “Our man will be waiting for him at his job address. When he sees him, he will shoot as soon as he gets out of the car (but), but if he’s not alone, the bullets will hurt someone else.”

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The Sacramento bIt was also reported that Felkins could not be reached for comment on Thursday, which broke the news about the indictment.

He is scheduled to appear in court on September 30.

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