Neukirch celebrates Brigidafest –

Pfarrer Jürgen Rieger hielt den festlichen Gottesdienst zum Brigidafest in Neukirch. Foto: Keller

Rottweil-Newkirch – Since the 15th century, the Catholic parish of St. Peter and Paul in Newkirch has maintained the Brigid Sisterhood of St. Brigid from Ireland. In 1617 the Brigid Brotherhood was founded in Neukirch by Pastor Benerandus Gabler. Until 100 years ago, Remembrance Day was celebrated in Neukirch on February 1st, then Brigidenfest was moved to the third Sunday in July due to the weather. with a procession to two altars in the village where prayers are offered for help in all spiritual and physical calamities.

We are writing in AD 453. In Ireland, Saint Brigida was born this year. Brigida was born on a doorstep and baptized by Saint Patrick himself. It gets its name from the Celtic goddess Brigida. She set up a simple living and prayer cell under an oak tree.

In time it became a nunnery called Kildare, ‘Church of the Oak’ in English. Brigida died in Kildare on 1 February 523 (her memorial day). When Brigida died and was buried in Kildare, her co-religionists lit a perpetual fire in her honor, which they kept night and day, “St. Brigid’s Fire.”

On Sunday, July 24, the congregation celebrated a festive service with Pastor Jürgen Rieger. It was performed musically by the Newchurch Church Choir in collaboration with the choir from Seppenhan. The First Mass allowed the children to reappear in their vestments to celebrate this feast; New collaborator Rosalie Keller was also brought into the fold.

A short procession accompanied by the Neukirch Music Band led with a station to the Effinger family cross, which this year was decorated with flowers. There was also an opportunity for a social gathering in the community center organized by the Parish Council of Newkirch. Engelsburg Kindergarten provided entertainment.

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