Subscribers are leaving, and Netflix is ​​not indifferent to discount subscriptions, which will reach us sooner than we expected, according to a new report

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After Terrible first leg With 20,000 subscribers losing for the first time in 2022, Netflix is ​​planning some dramatic steps to maintain its position above the streaming world food chain. A new report from the New York Times reveals that some dramatic steps the company intends to stay on top are expected to arrive early this year.

The first leg needs to be covered – quickly

according to New report, Netflix executives have informed company employees that the company plans to drop users – like a discounted subscription track launch that includes ads – is expected to arrive later this year. An email passed on to senior management employees defined the fourth quarter of the year as the launch of the Discount Track. With the launch of the discount route, the company wrote in an email that it would raise a gear in the fight against password partners. In this case, too, the increase in action against participants will begin this year.

As you may recall, as part of the investor debate – the first quarter of this year presented pornographic reports on Netflix – company executives began to fill the idea of ​​a discounted appointment with ads. Netflix CEO Ride Hastings said the move could take anywhere from a year to two years to become a reality.

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More stories like that are waiting for you now
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A message to Netflix employees about the discounted subscription said, “All major streaming services except Apple already have a discounted subscription with ads or they have announced such an appointment. People want discounted options, right.” Among Netflix’s biggest competitors, HBO Max already has a discounted subscription that includes ads like Hulu. As we mentioned on Netflix, another big competitor – Disney Plus – has announced a discounted appointment with ads that will air in the US next year, and will then reach more locations.

As you may recall, earlier this year the company announced a pilot in South America that required users $ 2 to $ 3 to share their password – legally only. Sharing passwords is a violation of Netflix’s Terms of Use, especially when it’s a possible loss of subscribers who may have entered someone’s appointment.

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