Netflix will normalize its shuffle mode

Netflix will normalize its shuffle mode

Netflix is ​​known right or wrong because of the program suggestion algorithm that fills the home screen based on your viewing history..

However, this abundance has the effect of leaving some viewers vague. Who hasn’t already walked across the grid from top to bottom and left and right without deciding what to stop?

Netflix has been testing it since last summer – with subscribers including connected TVs – a single suggestion button. Equivalent to a button ” I’m lucky From Google, which sends you directly to a site without having to go through the results page.

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The same approach to Netflix is ​​based on your tastes, history, and what you put in “My List”, try to get the right target and get you out The Program waiting to launch.

This function does not reveal anyone’s last name – it’s a temporary baptism. ” Shuffle play Inter Test interface – Netflix will deploy 200 million subscribers in the first half of this year, a Confirmed Service. Feedback from beta testing was considered sufficient to sustain this idea.

Greg Peters, one of Netflix’s leaders, said he was still evaluating the performance of “Direct”, which is currently being tested in France. His teams have not yet decided what to do with this. This erroneous direction is to broadcast a stream of programs in a linear manner, with no possibility of going back, as a traditional television channel does.

Here again, people are being targeted for allowing themselves to carry the flow rather than directing it and picking up the TV evening.

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