Netflix Viking surprises fans and drives them crazy for the web; Look

Netflix Viking surprises fans and drives them crazy for the web;  Look

The second half of the sixth season of the Vikings came as a big surprise to Netflix fans who were eagerly awaiting.

The streaming service presented a series of new episodes beyond expectations. Initially, it was believed that the launch of the new episodes would take place only on December 31 in Brazil.

But Netflix expected it, because the first scene of the second half of Viking’s sixth season takes place in Brazil, the same day as the US (here, the series is available on Amazon Prime Video).

On Twitter, wifing fans went wild with the surprise of Netflix. Below are the tweets that testify to the popularity of internet users.

The Vikings is a historical television series created and written by Michael Hirstall for the History Channel.

Filmed in Ireland, it was released in Canada in March 2013.

The sequel, Vikings: Valhalla, is evolving for Netflix.

Viking Rockner was inspired by the saga of Lottbrook, one of the most famous and infamous Nordic heroes after the plague of England and France.

Ragnar was portrayed as a farmer famous for his successful occupation of England, eventually becoming king of Scandinavia, with the support of his family and other soldiers. In the following seasons, the series follows the plight of his children and the adventures of England, Scandinavia and the Mediterranean.

The second half of the Viking ‘s sixth season is now available on Netflix.

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