Netflix: Users who do not own an account will be locked out on a trial basis

Netflix: Users who do not own an account will be locked out on a trial basis

The beginning of the end with account sharing? 3 min. Read

Test Officially, when Netflix introduced additional testing as a test, it wanted to increase security. Their Netflix number especially affects people who share it with others. This popular austerity measure will soon go down in history.

Seven out of ten users share a streaming subscription With others to save costs. This is the result of a representative survey conducted by the Bitcoin Association since the summer of 2020. It also revealed that even 17 per cent have access without contributing to expenses. However: This is violated by those who use a Netflix account with others and do not live in the same house Terms of Use Point 4.2. There it says relatively clearly:

The Netflix service and any content you view through the Service is for your personal and non-commercial use only and should not be shared with anyone who does not live in the same home.

Netflix: Password Sharing Violates Terms of Service

This is where Netflix currently starts. If the service finds that you are using an account other than the owner, it will notify you that it is you Please check May. It can be done either SMS Or e-Mail Happen. As a rule, you have contact with the account holder and you can easily transfer the verification code. However, if this process is required several times, Can Fast annoying Be. With the third option, the test can be postponed, but sometimes it cannot be skipped. All that is left is to create your own number or start the 30 day trial phase.

Account usage restricted: Netflix is ​​all about security

Netflix has confirmed this test to The Verge, which is not limited to a specific country or period. “This test is to ensure that people who use Netflix accounts are approved,” a spokesman explained vaguely. That, too, is a fact Netflix accounts are stolen and cheap Resale Be. Testing will prevent this abuse.

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But some of you may still remember the statement CEO Reed Hastings since 2016. Netflix boss still knew that people were sharing passwords and literally telling them. Should live with you. Couples who do not live in an apartment, children who leave home to study – legal situations in which individual parties do not actually need their own account.

What does this mean for Netflix and its customers?

The news has already shocked the internet a bit. There are a few voices who think it is perfectly legal to stop “account parasites”. More voices think it’s theirs Great adWhen people believe that sharing their number share and locking out is likely to turn to other streaming providers. Or book monthly Netflix if you find interesting content. on the way It was only at the beginning of the year that Netflix became more expensive The base tariff is 7.99 euros (one user / SD standard at a time), the standard tariff is 12.99 euros (two users / HD level at the same time), and the premium tariff is 17.99 euros (four users / UHD standard at a time).

If I think I can no longer use the account I share with my father – I will get my own account, However I mostly use the UHD standard Abandoned despite having the appropriate television. Netflix is ​​a streaming platform The most exciting originals and licenses for me. I often forget to watch Amazon Prime video. At the same time I find it The Netflix release cycle is greatIt’s really fun for me to see a part appear every month. Booking at monthly intervals will not be an option for me and Netflix will eliminate the comfort it means to me.

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