Netflix – This adaptation of a fantasy book may be a hit in 2022. The school that replaces Hogwarts for you

Netflix series Shadow and bone It has proven to have a strong audience interest in popular teen book adaptations. The platform has announced the screen adaptation of another popular series Academy of Good and EvilWhose author Soman Chinani. While many readers may not know much about the title, the Fairy Tail series can be expected to be similar to the Brothers Grimm on many occasions, with more atmosphere than Disney – including torture scenes and really dark story contexts.

Academy of Good and Evil – Why focus on a screen adaptation?

Academy of Good and Evil It tells the story of a city where children are abducted from time to time to go to a mysterious school … Villains and heroes are trained. Our two heroes are completely at odds with each other, and the locals have long speculated that they may be the director’s next victims. However, when they arrive at the scene, it turns out they are not going down where they should be. Beautiful Sofia is supposed to take classes on teaching children how to deal with the ugly and how to make broth, and the unfriendly Agatha to become a princess and wait to be saved.

Meet the school agreement for good and evil. Anadil Caitlin Akinpelumi is Demi Isaac Oviav and Dot Freya Theodora Parks is Hester #GeekedWeek

The first volume of the series Presents a world of fairy talesWhere bad characters suffer the most severe punishments, directly from old fairy tales, it is based on various stereotypes that viewers have ridiculed over the years – as princesses often talk to animals, as girls learn in pre-school. Get ready. Plus, there are lots of beautiful and fun places in the book, such as Magic Castles and the Fairy Tail Theater, so Netflix can show the scenes.

Netflix’s new fantasy film – A Star

Academy of Good and Evil There are a lot of interesting actors. You can see the names in them as follows: Michelle Yo | (Zhang-Chi and the Epic of the Ten Rings) In the role of Professor Anemone, Charles Theron (Fast and Furious 9) Lady Lesso and Ben Kingsley in previously unknown costumes. Sofia Anne Caruso and Sofia will play the lead roles of Sofia (who wanted to be a princess but got admission in Evil Academy) and Agatha (although everyone thought she was a witch at the Academy of Good). Wiley. You can see them in the gallery below.

Other interesting names also appeared, in particular. Kit Young (As you know from the television series Shadow and boneet Lawrence Fishbone (Matrix).

Academy of Good and Evil – Premiere and Details

Recognized by Paul FeigThe resume is known for other things Ghostbusters . The author of the book, Soman Chinani, co-wrote the screenplay with David Maggie and Malia Scotch Marmo. Roth Films is responsible for the production of Live-Action Fairy Tail Productions. Snow White and the hunter, Alice in Wonderland I. Wicked.

Your daily reminder that the School for Good and Evil movie is happening and that it will star Sofia Wiley, Sofia Ann Caruso, Kit Young, Charlize Theron, Kerry Washington and many more! ⁇

The film is officially in post-production and will make its screen debut in 2022 at Belfast Harbor Studios. Most of the filming took place in Northern Ireland.


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